The wider car tires really better? So when these types of Issues involved there are a few of your heart

The wider Car tires really better? So when these types of Issues involving your heart when there are a few comments we see a lot of Cars, there Will always be some of the elements mentioned in terms of the tire width, of course, we in everyday driving, the Car’s tires to see some real very wide, we could not help surprIsed that thIs Car up much more stable; certainly see some Car tires and narrow, like trolleys, also lamented the manufacturers cut corners, so in many people’s impression, wider tires more well, at least looks more stable, so the wider the tires really better?

Generally for Automobile tire width, miniature Car between 125-155 mm, small Cars between about 165-195 mm, compact Car probably between 195-225 mm, while more than 225 commonly referred to as wide tires, and now many owners changed the tires wide tires, in fact, Is to make the Car look more atmosphere, in line with the thinking of young people now, wide tires make the Car look more dynamic, more stylIsh. Low-profile tires than the new style and different colors of alloy wheels make the Car look very passionate, vibrant, express individuality.

Is understandable, widened loaded Car tires, the entire appearance, as well as the gas field, it Is to pull a lot of wind, especially in the SUV, off-road vehicle, it Is more powerful, thIs one Is a good man who put on nature Is able to open. But limited capabilities Is not a panacea, wider tires due to the large area of ​​ground that Is bound to increase the friction area Will increase noIse, if your Car Is not good enough noIse, tire noIse Is very annoying. Wider tires mean more weight, so fuel consumption Will rIse. And if emIssions were not enough, there Is also heavier tire influence on the dynamic performance.

Although the whole wide tires Will bring more benefits, but that’s all we need to give more money to pay. Love driving people to improve driving pleasure and safety, choose wide tires are reasonable; the dIsplacement of small family Car Is only used as a means of transport, the standard tire Is enough to meet the daily life, wide tires and then have no meaning, It Is a waste of resources. According to their actual need to purchase Is the most sensible choice.