The whole system Is not price, Lexus IS really better than the BMW three-line?

say in the entire Automotive industry, which sold Automobile brand reputation seriously inconsIstent with that Lexus Is a must. There are many fans regard the domestic Lexus regarded as a faith, Japanese top luxury brand, the entire Car Is a Japanese craftsman spirit of the Car in all aspects than Ashkenazi BBA stronger.

enduring Toyota, Lexus Is the best, widely circulated: Open all know Lexus Car person. And the fact that really the case?

Throughout the Lexus system, the best-selling or ES, but today I want to say Is IS, positioning Is sporty luxury Car class B, three-line with BMW, Mercedes-Benz E-class, Audi A4L same level.

Japanese fans are the craziest of the entire Automotive industry, thIs point I think we all agree, right? “One day the Honda life Honda,” “Toyota Is always open Is not bad, the public Will never fix it”, “Lexus Is a good Car, but too few people understand,” such a thing I believe many people have heard, from sales point of view, the Lexus iS monthly average of less than one-tenth of the BMW with three-line Mercedes-Benz C-class, which makes it awkward.

and today we come to talk, Why Lexus IS praIsed.

The first Is the price level, Lexus Is imported Cars, the price Is certainly more expensive than domestic Cars. But Lexus luxury brand can be said that the whole attitude in the highest Car prices, IS entire department no concessions, most Will be in New York, with 0.5 million spread. Now the BMW 3 Series at every turn Is 18 points 20 points, the Audi A4L not to mention, we take the floor price, for example sub-: BMW 320Li Yao night (with top) with the Lexus IS300 leading version (with a minimum) a price!

followed by vehicle design, IS Extended no into the country, slightly inferior practicability. The appearance of the Car Is indeed a movement, LED headlamps with dual exhaust Is very good.

a lot of fans say Lexus luxury interior and atmosphere, personal Yanzhuo forgive, I did not feel the overall design of high-grade, more refined workmanship can only say that, but familiesTechnical configuration with a sense of really impress. Law-abiding Car steering wheel, instrument panel LCD Is not full, built-in Bluetooth connectivity only full-line dIsplay, Car networking, panoramic camera, panoramic sunroof all gone. In addition IS parking system Is a foot brake, handbrake BMW ratio may be a little high.

Car better sound insulation, comfort Is not too bad, but the space Is really general. Of course, for those Car owners prefer to marked axIs Is concerned, thIs Is not necessarily a good thing, certainly better handling.

in terms of the power, Lexus IS mounted 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum horsepower 245 hundred kilometers 7 seconds, the power output slightly more than BMW strong.

from a comprehensive point of view, the Lexus IS now monthly sales of only a few hundred units, and sometimes really sold on behalf of a Car’s price. ThIs Car Is probably the quality Is really good, handling Is also very to the force, but the price really okay?

For Lexus, fans often thIs attitude: Of course, the Car Is a good Car, better than BMW Mercedes-Benz, Will not be available when buying a Car buy.