The way forward operating years of automotive repair shop How far?

my house, and I know a lot of friends who are as Automotive repair industry. With the development, environmental protection efforts continue to increase, the Automotive repair industry Will face unprecedented difficulties!

government to promote new energy electric vehicles, electric vehicles are no longer needed engine as a power source, means that the Car engine Will always be the stage of hIstory. There would be no motor vehicle exhaust emIssions, to achieve environmental protection and energy saving, but! A large number of our service personnel, many years of experience and trained service technician useless! Repair and maintenance of vehicles Is also greatly reduced, mostly garages outlets increasingly deserted. Reduction and price increases in business volume, so that we aftermarket industry in serious difficulties, unemployed technicians are just around the corner.

friends, I was Ali’s Car if you have any incurable dIseases, we have professional technical team for your grief!