The total investment of about 500,000 yuan car repair shop construction project

Car repair Automotive maintenance and repair Pan said. The Car Is faulty investigation by technical means, find the cause and to take certain measures to make it to troubleshoot and restore performance and meet certain safety standards.

Here we look at with a total investment of about 500,000 yuan Car repair shop construction projects

project details: Wuchuan Rongjia Car repair shop construction project, the construction site Is located in Guizhou Province, Wuchuan county town Southtown forward Palit community groups, the construction of new property, thIs project Is in its own building Based on the new Car repair shop, workshop and office building with an integrated, sheet metal shop, paint shop, etc., construction of the project only as vehicle maintenance, cleaning, does not involve residential accommodation.

Total thIs project planning area 1294m2. On repair 900, 120 painting, cleaning 1000. Construction Content: Includes comprehensive workshop and office, sheet metal shop, paint shop, Car wash area, repair station, sewage pre-treatment pools. The total investment of 50 million, of which: 31,000 yuan investment in environmental protection, environmental protection investment proportion of 6.2%.

Source: US bidding website, the network