The three most useless vehicle maintenance, 4S shop maintenance workers often linked to mouth, specifically pit novice

I believe that many Car owners are buying a Car before he was determined, after the Car must have a properly protect it. It Is know that the owners have thIs psychology, there are often recommended 4s shop owners do all sorts of maintenance, and in fact there are some maintenance Is not necessary to do. Today Xiaobian inventory of the three most useless Car maintenance, there are some 4s shop maintenance worker often talks about them, specifically pit novice owners.

the first Is to clean Car air conditioners, Automotive air conditioning needs to be cleaned Is not wrong, but the owners own home Will be able to resolve the matter, there Is no need to go to a non-4s shop do. And 4s shop Automotive air-conditioning Will be cleaned once a fee of several hundred dollars, very worthwhile. After knowing thIs, owners can buy some dIsinfectant, from time to time in the air-conditioned Car to squirt on it.

There Is a Car engine wash, do not know if you have not experienced the same situation, just beginning to 4s shop, just want to change the oil. Home maintenance over time to respond, not only to replace the engine oil, also clean the Car engine together. In fact, cleaning the Car’s engine, there Is no need to do so as frequently as daily maintenance.

The last one Is the Car wash tank project, a long tank Car drove some dirt very normal, there may be usually blown into the soil, or and spring catkins. If too much water in the soil, it Will make the Car radiator cooling effect becomes poor. But in the tank should be cleaned once 4s store one or two hundred, to general repair shop, dozens of money can solve.

So do maintenance to the Car in time, there are some items that must go to 4s shops to do, but there are some project owners can do their own home or maintenance to roadside stalls. ThIs year down can save a few thousand dollars, to when you can eat a big meal, can also be used as fuel costs, to refuel the Car, it also Will not be so dIstressed. The three most useless vehicle maintenance, 4S shop maintenance workers often linked to mouth, designed pit novice