The three largest auto maintenance shop 4s fooled again refused! Fee money Well, the key Is too hurt car

The three largest Auto 4S shop maintenance fooled again refused! Fee money Well, the key Is too hurt Car.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the Car also into the household. With the popularity of the Automobile, people Care more and more about the Car also. Vehicle maintenance and good for the life of the Car, it also has a direct link. Car maintenance can be said to have Aicheyizu indIspensable step. However, excessive maintenance of the Car Will cause an unnecessary burden, also unnecessary waste of money, the three largest Car maintenance, 4s shops have refused to flicker again, a waste of money Well, the key Is to hurt the Car too!

The first oil passage Is cleaned. I believe that many owners have done thIs one maintenance, most of the time master 4s shop and repair shop tells you that the wash oil, if oil Is not cleaned Car Will cause unnecessary harm. In fact, the oil does not require frequent cleaning Is done, usually in 30,000 -50,000 km cleaned once when you can, wash oil Is very simple, but with some detergent only, do not need to tear down the parts and the like, so thIs project we do not often do.

The second Is the oil filter, Car maintenance Is the most indIspensable replace the oil filter, but some 4s shops have to use full synthetic oil owners , replace 5000km time, we need to know, fully synthetic motor oil in 10000k maintenance it once, say black oil needs to be replaced, are deceptive, might darken in about 20 minutes after the new oil change, which Is normal phenomenon. Whether the oil needs to be replaced Is to look at what oil you are using, and then during the replacement. A fully synthetic engine oil Is a replacement 10000km, semi-synthetic oil Is a 5000km-8000km replace it.

The third Is often to the Car waxing. ThIs project certainly many owners have done, can be done in the ordinary Car wash. Generally kick wax Car body Will become bright and clean, and almost new Car. But often do thIs project Will lead to corrosion of the paint, because the wax Is an alkaline substance, there Will be some resIstance, often waxing Will result in accelerated oxidation of the original paint, there Is some damage to the original paint, soDo not always give the Car waxing. If you want to Car owners always looked like a brand new, you can choose to replace the wax coating.

Coating decontamination not only dust but also can increase the gloss of the paint Automobile, maximize the protection of the original paint. Generally you can choose to go to 4s shops to be coated, but coating costs can be quite expensive. Coating agent itself Is not high cost, but also easy to operate, you can buy yourself a bottle coating agents get their own home, and then sprayed with a sponge to wipe back and forth on it, the effect Is exactly the same.