The third car maintenance, 4S shops and repair shops Which Is better? What specific projects do?

Car maintenance Is a lot of people are concerned, only the normal condition and do maintenance to ensure the safety of the vehicle. But, in the end going to where we maintain a better arrangement? ThIs Is a very tangled Issue. There Is no need necessarily to the 4S shop it?

Third maintenance, vehicles should be more than a year of age of the vehicle, but it Is still a relatively new Car, the warranty period within. Vehicle maintenance within the warranty period, if must go to 4S shop, the majority of owners Will have such a question. Has now been forced to cancel the warranty in the 4S shop to do maintenance requirements, owners can decide for themselves. Repair shop to do maintenance outside the price really cheaper than the 4S shop of some, but if it Is more formal repair shop, in fact, the price difference Will not be great, after all, the cost of materials genuine spare parts Will not be cheap, it may be time charge slightly a little lower. If the maintenance of price much cheaper compared with the 4S shop, it Is recommended that vehicle to be Careful in the use of other spare parts can not be confirmed Is a prerequIsite for genuine down, or do not take the rIsk.

If it Is to go outside to do maintenance repair shop, another point to note Is that, be sure to choose a qualified repair, leaving even the best photos or a copy saved with a lIst of maintenance, in case of any problems quality assurance process to go after the Car, 4S shop owners are required to provide these related materials.

Third maintenance, which projects the specific needs replacement, the oil filter Is the basIs, then, the Car more than a year, if there Is no air filter and air filter replacement It had proposed to replace. Other items to be based on test results to determine the condition, normal use of the vehicle Is not abnormal, basically there Is no need to replace the.

Car maintenance, if you want to worry and effort, it would spend more money to the 4S shop. If we consider economic factors, go outside repair shop Is also possible, but must be long in mind, there are looking for regular maintenance of quality of the repair shop to do maintenance, in order to avoid the use of counterfeit spare parts cause damage to the vehicle.

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