The relationship between car tires and rims you understand about it? Here Is the answer oh

1, tire rims

comprIses a fixed tire rims comprIsing a rim and a tire fitted to the wheel hub shoulder region . Different curvatures and structural elements of the tire must meet the performance and durability standards establIshed according to different purposes. Rim diameter, rim width, shape and other dimensions of the rim must conform to international standards.

1, the shape of the rim and the numbering system

Is defined by the rim shape of alphabet letter , the general rule Is the higher the alphabetical sort (a, B, J, K, L, T, V) of the rim higher. Standard rim height passenger see table

TRA Tire and Rim Association and American standard
The shape of the rim

2, the eccentric amount

eccentric amount refers to the dIstance between the bore surface of the rim centerline of hub mounting, design eccentric amount it Is to prevent interference system moving and wheel alignment. If a large amount of eccentricity, Will be the center of the tire Is inclined, if the eccentricity amount Is small, the center of the tire Is inclined outwardly. Front engine rear wheel drive Car eccentricity amount between about 15 to 40 mm, front-engine front-wheel drive Car Is between 35 and 55 mm.

2 tire

Current vehicle speed than high, due to the requirements of high performance, the role of the tire Is more important than ever.

1, the tire function

receiving vehicle weight

to transmitting rotation torque and the brake surface

Pavement absorb vibrations

maintain or change the traveling direction of

[Arranged alternately in the direction of the Carcass ply around a tire Carcass in the forward oblique direction: 2, the type of tire

slash tires. It circumferential and radial support of the Carcass. ThIs structure absorbs vibration when the tire contacts the ground with the ground deformation, of providing a comfortable ride. But because it Is redundant with the relative motion of the ground lead to it not as durable radial tires.

radial tire: the forward dIsposed at right angles to the Carcass ply. ThIs gives a very strong radial support, but it needs to support the belt reinforcing layer to enhance the Carcass wrapped around the circumferential direction. Since the belt reinforcing strength such that the friction between the tire and ground Is greatly reduced, thus the tread life of the tire can be extended and to get some of the higher critical speed.

3, the aspect ratio

aspect ratio Is the ratio of the tire height to width. Aspect ratio = H / W, flat percentage = H / W x100%, W of the tire width mm, H tires Height mm.

4, the Carrying capacity of

The maximum load

of the tire can bear. Carrying capacity Is represented by the symbol rate at standard conditions of use. The larger the index, the higher the bearing capacity. 195 / 60R 15 86H

5, symbol rate

the specific symbol in the tire maximum traveling speed under predetermined conditions. 185/70 HR 14,195 / 60R 15 86H.

3, the tire standing waves

When the tire rotates at a high speed tire and the road the contact portion deformed again before contact with the road does not have sufficient time to recover the original shape of such a standing wave phenomenon Is called continuous

Is a standing wave phenomenon vIsible wave phenomenon in the normal tire, when the vehicle speed exceeds 150 km / ThIs occurs when h. Upon standing waves, excessive bending of the tire surface Will cause a puncture.

When the tire Is rolling, its portion in contact with the road surface Is deformed. When the contact point off of the road, the tires Will attempt to return to its original shape. In other words, it Is accompanied by a rolling tire shape change and recovery, the situation repeated.

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