The price of imported 1.2 million Type A motorhomes so long! Whether it Is worthwhile?

hello, Hello, everyone! I was interested in playing RVs play the main ~

a lot of friends at the beginning times know RV , should all that much against the forehead of the C-type RV , after you know Will know there Is low-key B-type and luxury type a RV .

while three types of room in the Car, should be the most mysterious

a type , and say mysterious, because thIs type of Car in the country Is relatively rare, are often the kind of price of a few millions of “bus Caravan.” prohibitive.

on the main play today for everyone to share a relatively close to the people of the type a motorhomes,

guidance 1.18 million

French Pai special forces G600 .

before the Car chat, play the main to begin with to explain What Is a type A motorhomes?


does not refer to A of the present can start drive …)

Briefly, A type RV

based on

Automotive three chassIs designed, in addition to the engine, a transmIssion, front and rear axles, suspension devices, four wheels, brakesSystem, Cars member companies, including the whole body shell, and the like are all built Car manufacturers design their own.

For type A Car want to say, let the following Car quickly view it ~

a Model PFP shape, without losing the sense of

designed in the shape , Pai special forces G600 Is not the impression we kind of luxury bus image, but a relatively home design style , very consIstent home.

seems quite affinity

, with the size of the Car also has a certain relationship, 5.99 meters

Car length than since those big guys at every turn ten meters, he has been regarded as a “little cute”, but also the requirements of the driver’s license Is not high, C thIs can drive


a benefit unique type RV integrated body , the entire body looks very strong overall sense, that there Is no C-RV cheap splicingSense, in line with the price that some feel ~

outer body having a large size storage tank, but due to the layout of the vehicle, the storage box space Is not large, can only put some small pieces of luggage.

The following Photos give you a feel appearance:

for more details of the appearance slide around

power mature, high reliability

using the

power Is Fiat Ducato that sets the 2.3T turbocharged diesel engine , with

6-speed manual

transmIssion or 6AMT Automatic transmIssion , thIs Is matched powertrain smooth, open up very smoothly, even manual transmIssion, but also very easy to use, combined with clutch points clear and wide open for the first time, do not worry stall.

When it comes to driving, since the a type RV

throughout the body

Is Car manufacturers to design , and therefore thIs Car the cab vIsion Is very broad , a kind of bus drivers of déjà vu, but the actual opening up kind of feeling Is very good, especially when a high-speed cruIse, very comfortable.

Further, cab Is used one side of the door

, the overall size Is large door

, a low ground clearance

, thIs Is very convenient in old friends on and off.

delicate work materials vehicle, there Is a sense of luxury

enters the vehicle inside, the Car Will be impressed by the fine workmanship, from the selection process details and furniture materials, it Is hard to fault, the most unusual Is playing the main experience of the new Car, basically there Is no paint, glue, such as smell, which point a lot better than many domestic Cars, domestic Car but also efforts in thIs regard ah!

Photos you feel to:

See more internal slide around
Car the layout Is very clear divIsion, and each area have done it, “there but excellent”, compared with a lot of large-size Car, and it had been without.

in front of the cabin sofa seating area, may be conventionally while satIsfying the seating 6

(when traveling forwardly of the seat can take only two people);


parking, primary passenger seat can be rotated rearward , so that the entire seating area can

simultaneously satIsfy 8

here dinner, small and medium substantially satIsfy the party. Table top plate may be folded upwardly to facilitate personnel through.

compartmentIt provided with a set of central kitchen equipment, a kitchen with a three core gas stove, vegetables pool, oven, range hood

plane and the

RV dedicated refrigerator and the like.

It Is worth mentioning that the hood and mining refrigerator with the

gas, electric

two power mode, power may be also be used gas can be used, very convenient.

the rear end Is a stand-alone tap toilet , due to the larger space, the use of a bathroom wet and dry separation design, the actual use of the experience of feeling pretty good.

to see thIs, surely someone Will ask: the Car so well, out to play where people sleep ah?

In order to be able to get other areas the most comfortable experience, the Car

no design fixed bed

, but to provide a

lift bed

, Is located above the seating area, the size of big double bed, daily use Is no problem.


Finally, the main play for everyone to sum up thIs Car, appearance there Is sense of home, interior layout reasonable, fine workmanship , a lot stronger than with the price of U.S.-made Car a lot, for 1.18 million of the price, the main play that good value for money

, like worth considering –

well, today Is the content of these friends! For more interesting enough effort RV information, we can focus on “Fun to play Car” Will be able to see it!