The owner Note: Definitely not buy the four kinds of car, bought himself Is in trouble

With economic development, the Car Is no longer like the 1990s as a luxury, and every household owns a Car Is a normal thing, buying a Car Is a happy thing, and some friends for the sake of some cheap pit into the room, when you know, it Will inevitably affect the mood. Knowledgeable friends all know, the following four Car certainly can not buy!

1, mortgage Car

Generally what Car called mortgage Car? In fact, the mortgage loan contract goods, often luxury Cars such vehicles are some of the low price, thIs Car Is unknown, if you buy something Zhibuding any trouble on her door!

2, stock Car

of the Car, it may be a problem, but do not open, put there, then it Will go wrong, it may cause battery aging, etc., paint and other problems Will arIse. In general, for stock Car dealers, certainly a sale, which may lead to consumer desire to buy, however, you must pay attention, if put long time, Is not recommended to buy, because you do not know the part Will not there Will be problems.

3, test drive the Car

Most Cars have a run-in period, the vehicle Will be on the odometer dIsplay a certain number of kilometers, but certainly not for several kilometers over three thousand kilometers, if the number of kilometers over three thousand kilometers mean that the vehicle Is approaching the end of the run-in period, so you need to quickly do the first insurance, addition Is you do not clear whether the vehicle Is running into what looks like, and the Car Will accelerate during the test drive, which Is also very clutch and transmIssion consumption of the Car, so I do not recommend buying.

4, niche models

In the pursuit of individuality and uniqueness of today’s era, the homogenization of the Automotive market has increasingly the more obvious, spend about the same money, buy a Car than to go, configure, and open up the feelings that far. ThIs has led some to pursue personal and unique approach to consumer dIssatIsfaction. At thIs time, there IsSome pursue “different colors of fireworks” consumers might consider a niche Car.

In addition, niche Cars hedge ratio Is not high, popular, universal models tend to be more popular in the secondary market, but niche models because they have bought less people, so natural, niche Car used Car people buy less; niche Car aftermarket difficult, niche models, due to the lower reason than to maintain, so very few of these Cars deputy plant for specialized mold manufacturing accessories direct consequence of small parts, accessories expensive, not much Will repair the place, it Is relatively difficult to repair.