The original car tires there Is such a hIstory! Most older drivers do not know, up seen all!

the original Car tires there Is such a hIstory! Most older drivers do not know, up seen all!

When the vehicle initially come out, the depot Will not tire design into consideration until after 1930, when the tire size Is standardized, designers began to think of the vehicle tires can be designed and one or more strengthening the sense of flow lines of the entire vehicle.

In 1934, Cadillac began to rIse trend Will tire design into account, and after World War II, many American vehicles are equipped with design sense rim and wheel covers. Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler and other Automakers have begun to offer a few decent price various wheel cover design for the owner to matching. And thIs design also opened a new road in the future vehicle design.

off the wheel revolution

When the vehicle increasing horsepower and more abundant, and vehicle performance to meet the need more, more lightweight wheel. In the early 1960s, vehicle manufacturers began to design the wheel can meet those needs, while also increasing the characterIstics of these wheels. GM depot Is one of the best in its brand arranged different wheel designs.

Buick Cars tend to sporty exterior design on the wheel, other brands such as Oldsmobile and Pontiac provides a more muscular wheels, in addition the appearance of polIshed metal material used to design. By the 1970s and 1980s, European brands have also begun to design the wheel. Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Is designed many dIstinctive wheel vehicles use across – well-known manufacturers BBS wheels on the BMW, Volkswagen and Peugeot bottom provides a variety of styles of wheels, Porsche, Mercedes Is.

traditional wheel of innovation

With the change of the market, but consumers prefer large tires lighter and more sturdy aluminum frame tire. Aluminum frame tires have started as early as the 1920s, but only limited to some special rare Car models, such as the production of special Bugatti Cars. But by the mid-1980s, with the development of technology, integratedAluminum frame type tire-substituted two-piece steel rim of the wheel cover and the wheel frame combination, bulkier, and one-piece aluminum ring wheel once again pushed forward wheel designs.

Now we can see a variety of wheel designs, some with complex spoke structure, and some have a polIshed aluminum and painted features, while others use special polIsh designed to achieve a more attractive matte appearance. From the design of the wheel diversity we can also learn each depot has a unique wheel design as a performance vehicle owners focus on personality. In addition, these characterIstics of the wheel not only in high-end performance Car, the low-end Cars are going to be many features incorporated into a ring wheel vehicle design.

such as the Ford Escape and Focus offer a lot of cool wheels as an option, in addition to the same type of Kia – show Seoul, MINI Cooper, Honda – Civic, Hyundai – Sonata design and others have different personalities of the wheel. Also popular are also used one-piece aluminum frame technology to its classic Beetle wheel vehicles redesign and maintain a consIstent flavor.

a number of wheels sold on the market to choose from

many original wheels Is very attractive, but the price Is also relatively expensive. Therefore, many vendors offer a commercial version of the rim to allow owners to purchase. Many manufacturers also wheels for different Car models, Car owners can customize the way to make their Cars more beautiful and more personal.