The number of kilometers the car should be cleaned throttle, there Will be rIsks not wash it? To see how old driver said

There are many places just as we say at every turn of the throttle, in the end what Is the throttle? How clean the throttle? Today meow brother gave you talk about. In fact, we cleaned the throttle Is not expensive, it Is relatively simple to do. When cleaning, we first find the intake pipe of the Car, and then attached to a metal body at one end of the intake pipe, which Is filled with the throttle.

we removed the intake manifold can see the side of the throttle. Under normal circumstances, it seems we are not particularly dirty, Is not responsible for the law to wash, wash it only one side, which side do not wash. In fact, do not look dirty side, while there may be dirty. If only wash the outside, then, after washing effect Is not so obvious, it Is recommended that you better be removed to wash. When some four screws removed, some five screws. Depending on the design of each Car, we just put the screws to take down the entire body can be brought down. After the win to the other side Is actually more than we see just the dirty side.

when washing, there are such specialized throttle cleaning agent. Squirt. The edge of the circle sticky relatively strong, so the best advice you can use a soft brush, a little soft old toothbrush can, brush and then after the throttle cleaner sprays to spray it clean, we can see the spray It Will be a lot of dirty water after the finIsh. So by brushing, spraying a spray. The throttle on Woon as new. Of course, if you own washable, then, to note that thIs must use special cleaning, do not say after I removed, I Will point out a washing detergent with water. ThIs Is not feasible.

Will throttle broke, put something after washing, some Cars may need to match it with the trip computer, the Car Will take some more brutal way, directly to the negative electrode of the battery power, then power off the next, to restore it to what the initial state on it. If you do not do thIs procedure, the Car may be some jitter or increased fuel consumption or the sound of the Car increases. But thIs Is generally a few dozen kilometers Will run Automatically restored.

If your Car appearThe above mentioned symptoms, you should consider whether the throttle Is dirty. If dirty, then can go to wash, wash it because hundreds of dollars of things. Finally, to remind you that, if we go outside to wash their own throttle, try to observe their own under. It Is best to remove the throttle to wash, so both sides can be washed. Do not say that they do not Care, only to master a lazy to wash your face, it looks bright, in fact, before long, probably five thousand kilometers they have to be removed to wash, very troublesome. ThIs Is about how to clean the throttle, meow brother to everyone’s opinion, do you have any better or more convenient way to do that? Welcome to leave a comment below.