The nine secrets of vehicle noIse, abnormal sound, 4S shop maintenance instructors Will not tell you

With the development of Automobile industry, Automobile manufacturing technology upgrade, even now about one hundred thousand family Car, but also to enjoy the past, only high-end Cars to enjoy “comfort and quiet”, and whether the Car noIse, engine Is there noIse has become an important criterion for evaluating the quality of the Car.

However, with the increasing age of the vehicle, the Car Will be like the majority of elderly humans become “sickly” serious engine shake, the noIse increases also occur, as the old Car owners, we naturally do not want to put up their “temper”, want them as quickly as possible, but to the 4S shop, repair shop repair time we have to spend a lot of money, but also thinner wallet.

that neither want to pay big bucks to repair shop repair, I do not want to endure all sorts of old Car problems how to do? Today, to help you master summed up the eight most common cause engine Will shake because of noIse, easy to understand.

1, fails to replace oil / oil vIscosity Is too high

Is well known, in the engine cold start or low temperature operating state, Is not allowed to excessively high oil vIscosity ; and when the engine Is fully warmed to normal operating temperature, the oil vIscosity Is too low Is not allowed. Both If a situation occurs, it may cause engine noIse becomes large, power shortage and other Issues that can cause problems both for the following two

1, fails to replace oil : common mineral oil needs to be replaced at 5,000 kilometers, while better fully synthetic motor oil to ten thousand kilometers and must be replaced, if your Car Is burning oil serious, it would have to be sure to add oil in advance, to develop oil often view foot habits.

2, not oil label: engine oil grade plus the same as original oil just fine, just remember not to add different grades of oil, because different numbers represent different oil vIscosity of oil, your engine Is not suitable for thIs oil vIscosity, too thin or too thick Will result in engine noIse becomes large.

2-cylinder Carbon deposition

Because the old oil with the more dilute, so more and more coke. Oil dilute the easy channeling oil, resulting in more and more coke, lost a lot of momentum. When put on a new engine oil, engine oil vIscosity can not meet,It may be pulled up speed, which causes big engine noIse.

3, valve leakage

In response to valve leakage outside the valve, at high load, low speed Is more significant, with sound enhanced load increases, the primary the reason Is that when the valve seat reaming, or due to the improper operation of the valve guide bore wear off even, the valve or valve seat recliner small voids, so that the valve Is closed the valve leads to ablation lax leak sound. Remove the cylinder head, a valve grinding view stretched spring force of the valve, a valve to adjust the head gap.

5, the engine compartment soundproofing problem

If the engine Is running normal lIstening outside, sitting in the Car feel noIse Is too large, indicating that your vehicle sound insulation Is poor . You should check the seal of the vehicle to see if there are no signs of aging. Or increase the sealing effect of the vehicle, and then try how noIse.

6, shock absorbers

We all know the role of shock absorber, generally over a speed bump when we can feel the shock absorber Car good, when the Car shock absorber problem Will occur big engine noIse problems.

7-cylinder deflagration, detonation

When knocking occurs, the spark plug flash i.e., the end of the combustible mixture of the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion, a spark plug ignites at thIs time mixture formation flame center with the center of the end mixture Autoignition new flame formation, in opposite directions, and propagates in the impact velocity, produce a sharp knocking sound, increased engine noIse.

8, lack of cooling liquid

The coolant function we all know, when the temperature Is too low when it Is very possible problems, and engine noIse Will larger, which Is supposed to check and replace, to avoid other problems.

Master Summary:

If the above eight kinds you a reason not, the engine sound Is still very large, and it Is likely that your engine tuned exhaust gas systems, vehicle or sound relationship, and think it Is difficult to solve, but gurus believe the sound of the engine if no major fault that does not matter, the roar of the machinery Is still very beautiful!