The new Toyota Highlander to shop, sales represented: At least ten thousand plus interior

in the domestic Japanese Car sales have always been very high, well-known Japanese trio each have housekeeping ability, synthesIs speaking basic fuel-efficient and durable. There Is an old saying in the Automotive industry: Car to Piedmont Road, a road must be Toyota. In the country’s influence Toyota did better than Honda Is poor, the Honda engine Is called a buy delivery, while Toyota Is more emphasIs on the quality of the entire vehicle.

Toyota’s model Is quite rich, update rate in recent years Is also significantly faster, at the end of last year to market the new Camry, Highlander and now the new has come. Toyota’s Highlander Is a medium to large SUV, sales of natural Is none, the same level hard to find an opponent, older price from 240,000 to 420,000 range, really bad reputation.

Two days ago a friend said the new Highlander has the current Car, show Car after seeing two 4S shop to the left Is the old section, the right Is the new, overall size and design little change, there are significant differences in the fence, the front fog lights style changed, a halogen light source Is still, reluctant to upgrade LED.

the SUV line sideways and did not differ much older, relatively bright red appearance, Is still a 18-inch wheel hub.

The current price has not yet announced, Is expected next week Will be held a press conference, asked about the salesman, he said: Offer Is certainly not now set Cars plus a minimum of ten thousand interior now the country are not many Cars, such as at least two months after the first batch sold.

We do not know how long the price, but the increase ten thousand such a thing of course Is rejected, had heard the original purchase price to the new Highlander up, now we have to add interior? I had a good fortune I do not know when to speak improper to speak.

a slight change in new Car interior, central control panel becomes larger, canceled the original on both sides of the button, see to enhance the sense of science and technology as a whole Is.

steering wheel, shift knob, cup holder seemingly do not see any change, does it change in the control of a screen?

belong to thIs model should be high version, the seat on the front seat memory function, the gate material spend soft material, it can only be considered a general level.

or a close look at thIs in the control panel, the Car it Will likely areas for improvement, the size of 10 inches, seemingly only function Bluetooth connectivity do not have interactive positioning and vehicle networking. The outer layer of the material Is wrapped with aluminum sheet cortex, the entire table has been upgraded materials, feel much better than the old.

are the buttons below the air conditioning vent and temperature regulation, the functional and older.

armrest thIs operating position follows the previous generation design, the seat heater are the same tune. Gearbox match Is 6AT, the whole system comes standard with 2.0T engines from high power and low power two versions, the original 3.5L dIsplacement models officially dIscontinued.

and the rear seat have escalated materials used, the USB interface increases and the temperature control for the rear passenger space still spacious.

from a comprehensive perspective, the Toyota Highlander Is a really good Car, before you say it invincible hand in the same level, no preferential price Leaving aside, as long as the quality and performance, I believe that the owners like it or not less, hope it Will not only learn the crown and the Prado, the opponent did not beat it, then they ruined future.

new models Is certainly nice, but the price Is still fundamentally a Car, the original Car 4S shop price increase, Toyota’s domestic float really want to do so ?