The new Prado exposure on sales, 4S shop frown, parallel importation happy bad

new Prado has been available for some time, do not know how you look for a Car of thIs generation? The street has not seen a new Car?

Prado sport utility vehicle sector has been the domestic benchmark, performance, reliability and good comfort, often see it in the Sichuan-Tibet line, the old models 2.7L dIsplacement also abnormal preservation, word of mouth Is absolutely none, but God Is such a Car, abruptly after being marginalized in the new lIsting! The new Prado monthly sales exposure, November monthly sales of less than 2,000 units in December alone sales of only 1227 units, sales fell more and more serious, Is the Car before the season, three thousand units the previous month’s sales gone ?

At the mention of thIs off-road vehicles, 4S shop sales staff to frown, the old section of the Prado abnormal price strong, sometimes increase also able to sell a few, but are now new few people look at Cars people buy a Car, but rather those who do the parallel importer happy bad, forum owners to buy a large number of parallel imported Cars, as long as the procedure Is complete, the tax paid in full, the Card can still hit the road!

from several Car dealers learned friend, Prado imported Cars of around 580,000, basically FAW Toyota also the price.

from the Car configuration point of view, thIs does change the Prado Is relatively large, a lot of exquIsite workmanship than the old, lots of skin, wood panels are more sincere, in fact, the old version of the Middle East It has long been the case.

from each owner’s point of view, not necessarily to buy a Toyota Prado to play off-road, but buying thIs Car people have a cross-country heart, always wanted to take a trip pumping empty Sichuan-Tibet line, or ride in the desert, or the price of honor and certainly selected brand BMW X3 and the Audi Q5!

Since it Is a chance to go off-road, and that you put into the new four-wheel drive four-wheel drive Is how Is it? Even four-wheel drive off-road purer coarse, then you put the center differential lock and the rear axle differential lock how was it canceled? And as a joint venture vehicle, then to achieve localization, actually canceled the low version models, with the cash price of imported Cars as expensive as actually sell?

The new Prado seat function, interior structure really good, 6AT gearbox, while not eye-catching, but it Is definitely a reliable configuration, armrest position as well as USB and charging port, seats have heating and ventilation, do not really want to force it into a city SUV?

think: In fact, from the vehicle positioning point of view, FAW Toyota canceled the 2.7L dIsplacement models not too bad, low version low vehicle sales of high profit, after cancel can improve the overall quality and prices. And another point of view, Prado 3.5L six-cylinder engine Is really good, but also more reliable, easier to build a strong reputation, dIsplacement Issues do not call things. Well the price Is understandable, after all, the Prado Is one of the few reliable off-road vehicles, from the point of view reputation far exceeded the expectations of the fans, the price jumped up to tens of thousands have been Tucao a few words, people are Willing to pay or no less, after all, urban SUV and off-road vehicles pursued crowd Is not the same, you still can not change the BMW X5 off-road capability Prado replaced, even if the play off-road driving a Bentley Tim, you do not feel bad?

Prado For many fans, it Is more like a reliable tool, the most important tool you drive and architectural changes, and that thIs tool there are so fly it?

In fact, the country comes to an end has been a lot of Toyota models, after the Land CruIser Crown luxury Cars there before, it now appears Prado also about to follow in the footsteps FAW, come on!