The new portable car, how can we not do Is pit 4S shop

For many people, to mention Cars and almost married a young married woman almost the same. But when the young married woman to marry, the wife’s mother but you as a person, and of course you Will not pit, 4S shop might not be.

as the first mention Car novice friends, what should be noted Is not too small. Today, several key challenges to you to find out.

mention Car before, what information should be prepared?

along all the information, make notes on a copy of the the first Is to mention Cars to prepare materials, general under the original, ID Card, photocopy of ID Card, you are eligible to road driver’s license, the Car really your Car purchase contract, had paid the deposit receipt how much of these things to bring.

If the company buy it, to bring organization code certificate and official seal. North Canton areas like licensing restrictions, you have to bring the original or a copy of indicators.

The salesman Will remind general, do not worry too much, but one thing to note Is that a copy of these materials inside, you’d better use a pen to write lines: The only copy 4S shop as such and such a vehicle used to mention, it Is with a null. So wear diagonally in a copy of the above, each are written on.

Although it Is somewhat cumbersome. People may even feel that you are not do not trust people, how to how to, but really out to avoid some unexpected rIsks.

after you put the Car somehow more than a few credit Cards, some people say how you owe 30,000 dollars not yet. ThIs kind of thing you do notI want to run into trouble points on trouble spots.

call ahead to ask certification, off single, commodity inspection single prior to the 4S shop to mention the Car, call ahead and confirm salesman. Specifically how much, how many Cards can brush, I would like to plug much money, raIse another one, you are not the vehicle certificate and give the Car together.

If the imported Car, you turn off single to no, the inspection alone had arrived, keys, a total of a few, my day could get much, tomorrow it rains or not, I took a taxi to come good or do you come pick me up good.

asked Carefully point does not matter, Is to serve our people, you do not feel embarrassed to ask, once the most effort most worry.

before interrogation Is possible to prevent 4S shop delay document Why just ask some questions, the mall credit Card directly to help me get back some 4S stores Will those documents I just said, mortgaged to the bank, to obtain funds make loans.

only after you pay the full amount, 4S shop then the money to the bank, the bank Will put the documents to you, a little trouble, it Is better to ask in advance.

how to say some 4S stores, business Is not necessarily stronger than others. Some not so good, it Will delay the presence of documents, said good two days, give you a drag, drag it 10 days, 10 days drag on into yet a month.

not Careful you do not get a certificate, which 4S shop went out of business, whom, it becomes a ghost Car, very troublesome, you sell also sell, but also on the Card not on, the probability Is very, very small, the total did not want to run into right.

mention the Car, to check what things?

to get the documents, put the Car when we should re-examine, in kind, in fact, are not satIsfied with the Car full, outside the paint, tires, glass these places, look elsewhere.

check body plate, several kilometers to determine the Car New Line new first, look at the body plate, plate generally following the B-pillar on the passenger’s door, on square block iron sign, where the frame number, engine number, date of manufacture, the other you do not have it too much, you Will see factory date, the Car look fresh and not fresh.

to start counting from the date of manufacture, domestic Cars are not more than three months, imported Cars not more than six months, are generally better, and be good.

done to determine the date of birth, a few kilometers on the dashboard also look at. In general, within 50 kilometers of domestic Cars, imported Cars within 100 kilometers it Is relatively good, acceptable, no problem.

just said two nodes time and the number of kilometers, if exceeded, 4S shop consultations to find it, even if the prices Will not cut, you let him send some maintenance, send some paint maintenance coupons are also possible.

take a single configuration, look for sales itemized reconciliation the second key Is the Care of the configuration of the Car. Some of 4S shop Is not honest, say you sell high with, your contract Is signed with a high, get the hand Is low with the Car.

4S outside the store to buy accessories put something, put it into a high with, sell to us, not the manufacturers directly installed wholeOp over, very depressed right.

Here Is a trick, directly to the salesman to get a configuration lIst, one by one check each configuration, each button, each function all try, they want to to do service.

that he Will not operate, then you can let him to demonstrate, especially in some of the less notice of it, the corners of the small features really can go wrong.

we have a small company partner came across, the time to buy, there are HUD head-up dIsplay on the configuration of a single function, mentioning time, no configuration, and finally the 4S shop he installed a give up, anyway uncomfortable right.

sign documents when, what information to confirm?

to confirm that the document and the Car plate number match above which are checked over, the next Card Is not paying , you can take leave of invoices, sales “put” a lot of documents, beat on the table for you, you have to Carefully check it. you look at insurance policies, invoices, off single, commodity inspection single, certificate, temporary license, these all out with the plate number of the Car to couple. Wrote

off a single top Is aabb, your Car Is written aabbbb. Well, Is not strong on not on the Cards, pay attention to it.

If there Is no temporary license, a temporary license or the above frame number, engine number, and the Car itself Is not strong, there Is no direct 12 minutes.

pay attention to whether the number of seats of the Car wrong In addition to just say thIs, I am also previously encountered such a pit. It Is that some of thIs luxury sedan or coupe, it was the back seat two people, Is the 4 Car. but most of what we buy Cars, 5 5 call used to it, you really run into a 4, the above invoice, policy and wrote a five-seater, on the problem.

as well as MPV, which Is 6, and 7, and there are not the same, we should take a closer look. Whether

to Carefully check each invoice are stamped with the chapter India and then also taught me blood, each with a check on the invoice. Invoices not a good multi-layer, a lot of Zhang, one by one to see. Each of the above Is going to knock chapter. Sometimes there Is a chapter without knocking, I am particularly because thIs thing, take a high-speed rail to go 4S shop Well then let’s knock back, but also the bosses scolded meal, or Carefully point would be better, busy in the wrong inevitable.

summarizes mention Cars before it, ready related materials, call the sales confirmation again, put the Car when looking for a single configuration, one by one to come, not too troublesome.

to get the documents back, look at the numbers, engine, chassIs number, and the Car Is not really all the same, basically there Will be no big mIstake the.

Is less than 500km of new Cars, to high-speed 120 open it?

open mind on new Car Is always very beautiful, especially the Chinese New Year, New Year, a new Car to go home, if there Is a bride and groom, even more happy.

to select the high-speed driving home the friend Is a lot of novice drivers to worry about, used to lIsten to the old driver said, the new Car to be running, can not run fast? Why can? Why not?

Some Car hit a provIsional license “whining” at high speed are more than 200 yards, Is there a problem?

Image: Car concern, “said the spare Car,” reply “ Car ” Will be the keyword. just bought a new Car if I would want to make a wax to protect it? How long fight once?

just bought a new Car, first time in life to do the maintenance, not to the number of kilometers, late to go okay? What happens later?

concern, “said the spare Car,” reply “ Car

” key words Will be, “said the spare Car” waiting for you to play Oh .