The new Honda Accord has come to shop, top with the flagship 229 800, 1.5T are so expensive?

The new Honda Accord Is estimated that many fans are looking forward to it? Since the new Car in the overseas market to make people Care deeply about, and finally the night before (No. 16) announced the price, and overall sales began in May.

Today I heard 4S stores have Cars, small series also can not wait to see the look, Honda has been very popular, not to mention the Accord, go late Paul allowed the others to be bought out?

Is thIs new 260TURBO Ultimate Accord. Here to explain, it may be a lot of fans still unclear, the new Accord entire department Is currently 1.5T, with two types of engines have low power version, 1.5T low power Is 177 hp, 1.5T high power Is 194 horsepower .

thought that Japanese Cars are more pragmatic, especially in such a big brand Honda, did not expect the same with the public, the B-Class also come out in three versions, marketing routine really too deep.

First of all Is to see the price of a Car, the Accord 1.5T beggar low-power version starting at 169,800, does not high, but thIs Taiwan 1.5T high power Ultimate guide price actually to 229,800?

1.5T Ultimate to 229,800? In fact, 230,000? After that money Is not the flagship 2.0T to 269,800? Hybrid version of Ultimate Is not to 299,800? Honda did not seem affected by 1.5T engine oil increased events, on their own Is still full of confidence!

to see the price estimate Toyota Camry can breathe, their own pricing should not cheap, but really trivial compared with the Honda Accord, 2.0L own top with only 20.58 million, or cheaper than the Accord a full twenty thousand!

We continue to look at thIs Accord 260TURBO Ultimate, guide price 229 800, the new Car Is certainly no dIscount, no fare increase has been very good.

At first glance blue appearance that Honda Civic, A flagship headlights are LED light sources, an adaptive function of the dIstance light, the Car Is dIsposed active brake, lane departure warning, and the auxiliary lines, a tire pressure monitoring device, the front and rear parking sensors, panoramic camera, adaptive cruIse control, Automatic parking into place, panoramic sunroof, a key to start, keyless entry, remote starting device with active noIse reduction, may be influenced by the old models, the Accord pay more of the active noIse reduction in the new Car, not the actual driving sound effects Will not be good some.

the internal design of thIs Car Is really good, countertops synthetic leather, middle an 8-inch dIsplay independence, comes standard with the Car positioning interactive networking. Armrest design Is also very fine, with a large number of aluminum alloy material, the right Is the two water cup holder, a good deal of space.

+ leather Car seat Is made of leather, with the main drive has adjustable height lumbar support adjustment, the front standard heating with ventilation, the rear armrest with cup holder Is there, it can all be brought down.

Although the price Is more expensive, but the configuration does not work with the poor, we tell the truth, then thIs point.

Accord 1.5T high-power version has 194 horsepower and maximum torque of 260 Nm, maximum power Is 143kw, one hundred kilometers acceleration time being has not been released, new Cars can not field tested, but the results from the overseas edition of view, under normal circumstances, almost more than eight seconds.

From a personal point of view, thIs Accord pricing Is certainly higher, and then realized the new release small series of three messages: First, Honda basically no the impact of oil by the door. Second, Honda still very confident about their own brand. Third, the new 2.0T dIsplacement Is certainly not a short time on the market.

do not know what the fans views on the new Accord?