The new car to be repaired, but instead by blIsters, auto 4S shop: frothy also lacks a few days

deal with a lot of Car lovers say the Car the first time Will be open to the Car 4s shop for repair. Recently, Henan Ms. Wang told us that there was a wonderful thing, Ms. Wang said she was a month ago in the 4S shop to spend more than 20 million to buy a Cadillac, because encountered some problems, it puts 4s shop for repairs. But these days because of heavy rain. Ms. Wang did not go to 4s shops. And so the rain stopped, Ms. Wang went to 4s shop ready to see your Car, the results stunned. HIs Car lying quietly lying in the water bath. What measures do the next rain, which makes Ms. Wang Is very angry.

Wang open Car, see inside messy, base Car are wet, but that Is a completely wet kind. Ms. Wang shortness of breath to find the relevant personnel asked 4s shop. 4s shop staff, said the store more Cars, the move to a one, to the order of priority in accordance with the new Car. Some move came in, some do not move in, then on the next heavy rain. He did not move the.

Ms. Wang was very angry. I think the owner Is looking for reasons. Anyhow, I am also a user you here. Is it because they have bought the Car, and then open a new Car Is not out yet? 4s shop employees have said that you had open when he came in wet. So it Is on the water bubble, anyway, already soaked, and multivesicular also lacks a few days. Ms. Wang to hear the case, immediately freak, requirements change, both sides argued, of course, the other side did not agree.

The last Car 4S shop represents compensation. Ms. Wang suddenly the amount of water height, approximately 93 meters, was near the center console. Also eligible to buy new Cars, but thIs 4s shop, he dIsagreed. Currently, Ms. Wang has to report to the Trade and Industry Bureau, take the judicial route, for thIs thing Is how you treat it?

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