The new BMW X3 has come to shop, do you think the domestic Will certainly cheaper?

thIs time sure a lot of fans are concerned about the BMW X3, as the representative of the mid-luxury SUV, the BMW X3 made in U.S. thIs year officially, no longer achieved, the BMW X5 in line with the overall shape appearance, Is Audi Q5 biggest competitor.

two days ago received a notice of BMW sales: the new BMW X3 has come to shop, and there are no empty at night to look at? Ever since yesterday attended a tasting line beneath contempt, to share the experience with you.

The first Is to lIsten to the sales stage blow: the new BMW X3 with a new platform, the domestic price Is cheaper, which means there Is no longer the pursuit of authentic handling, driving the same level in the first sense, the Car with the BMW X5 as smart devices and so on.

until you see the real Car, small series have to find out about the BMW X3, first of all because there Is no domestic Car size lengthened, control can be said to be one of the best, but certainly not as good interior space Audi Q5L after lengthened. Moving the vehicle exterior Is indeed more, a dual exhaust upgrade, with low M sports package shall also, no doubt color value.

Is still the front kidney grille with angel eye headlights, but did not open hIs eyes, the overall style Is really nice, really can be said to be a smaller version of BMW X5, would be less domineering, Duoliaoyifen movement.

Personally, young people certainly would like the BMW X3, old and mature drivers Will pursue the Audi Q5L, can be said that these two positioning SUV’s once again cut open, like a BMW with three lines, like the Audi A4L, different style.

In fact, think about it, Why not choose to lengthen the BMW X3, one Is expected to leave to the post, over the years about the Car interior upgrades, launched a long-wheelbase, and can Nachulaimai. On the other hand I did not want to compete with the Audi Q5 form the front, like the manipulation of sports selected BMW, Audi election like air space, it’s still the same laws.

The new BMW X3’s interior Is praIse, with chicken stallsSuspended screen are classic, but you Will certainly think that domestic cheap? Configuration table drying out configuration Is necessarily standard? Give you a few examples, the new X3 does have a five-dimensional interactive system, and indeed on par with the BMW X5, but its gesture control system to be installed (4000). The Car does have a full LCD instrument panel, but with low funds must be installed (6000).

In addition to these, the seat of power lumbar support, heating, ventilation needs to be installed, naked Car really hard to drive home!

The new BMW X3 M Sport Package start there, but how the wheel looks strange? ThIs design not as a three-line sports package BMW, so thick tires, BMW are you serious?

In general, the BMW X3 Is not perfect, at least there Is a lot of need to configure the option, the Car Is the biggest bright spot Is nothing more than the same level panoramic sunroof, M sport package, precIse control, and so on.

According to thIs price to sell, a low floor with Car but also about 450,000, had wanted to sell the Audi Q5 Is really hanging.