The narrower the more fuel-efficient car tires? Many people have it wrong, after reading to understand!

Car has become inseparable from the vehicle, regardless of the people commuting time, or go out to travel, that they Will use the Car, so many families have chosen to buy a Car, but people bought only to find the Car, the original Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, which Is the only oil expenses every month Is not a small number, so more and more people with particular emphasIs on fuel consumption of the Car, the owner Is to find ways to go reduce fuel consumption of their Car, and some owners think that the more narrow the more fuel-efficient Car tires, in fact, many people have mIssed the point, after reading to understand!

want the first Car fuel consumption, a lot of people have thought of starting from the Car’s tires, many people feel that the wider the Car’s tires Will be more fuel consumption, the Car’s wide tires, and contact with the ground Is relatively large, the friction Will increase, fuel consumption Is naturally larger, if the Car’s tire becomes smaller, the friction can be reduced, so fuel consumption Will become smaller in fact the size of the tire Is not can easily exchange, each vehicle in the factory when the technicians are depending on the size of the tire and the Car did tune other data, if the random replacement tire size Will cause the fuel consumption of the Car itself increase, decrease power!

First, the tire above 225 mm Is a watershed, but it Will be appreciated that, for greater than or equal 225 mm in the illustrated width of the tire, narrow less than 225 mm in the tire . We all learned in physics from the physical point of view, the sooner the greater the tire contact area with the ground, it Will increase the friction with the ground, so the aim Is to allow more tire grip, braking and cornering when the body Will be more stable. Narrow tires can improve vehicle speed, reduced noIse, however, Is not very good braking performance, for instance, economical Car, due to Auto body, usually the tires are designed to be relatively small, so that although the fuel-efficient, but controlling much dIscount.

does narrower tire can reduce fuel consumption, but once into the narrow tire, the tire Will be reduced tolerance, can not bear the weight of Automobiles, Automobile or too big, tires Is too small, it Will cause the phenomenon of overweight Car, the tires too small to bear the weight of the Car Will be an explosion hazard, and it Will lead to security rIsks, so that inBe sure to understand the principles of replacement tires, do not blindly replace the tire.

have a performance of the tire Is to play a better grip and the tire above the stripes Is to increase friction with the ground, thereby enabling the vehicle Is in danger, can quickly reduce the inertia of the Car, which would reduce the accident rate, so life Is first to protect the most secure in the replacement Auto parts all have to learn more fitting principle, not blindly replacement Car any accessories.

The narrower the more fuel-efficient Car tires? Many people have it wrong, after reading to understand! It can be seen from the above data out, after the tire Is narrowed, and the ground contact area becomes smaller, reducing the friction, Will naturally reduce the number of fuel consumption, but if the tire becomes extremely narrow, it Will bear the weight of other parts of the vehicle body and pressure, resulting in more serious consequences, so people can not blindly replace the tires! In thIs regard, what you think? DIscuss in the article below to comment!