The most fuel-efficient models at all levels of inventory, the lowest 70,000 to get

As of thIs month, thIs year’s oil price adjustment total of 24 times, the last still continue to rIse in price, many owners are Tucao said: home Is not mine, even afford Cars, but also can not afford to add oil.

range with the current oil prices continue to rIse, many consumers Will be included in the fuel consumption of the Car when the problem under consideration. Today we recommend several different levels of relatively superior fuel economy models (not ambiguous move, all Automatic models come from screening) as we did not buy a Car friends quickly and see it!

Note: the owners of all the measured data all from Winnie fuel consumption

Small Cars: Toyota Vios

guide price: 6.88-11.18 Wan

engine: 1.3L 99 hp L4

transmIssion: CVT continuously variable (analog block 8)

the owners of all the measured fuel consumption: 6.46L / 100km

the most fuel-efficient small Cars are not fit, but the Vios, presumably the owner with Honda habit when the “sports Car” open, while Toyota owners peace of mind as a “shopping Cart” of a relationship.

as a domestic small Car, the Toyota Vios has always maintained a practical features for the king, decent performance space, configured to save the province. 1.5L engine maximum output of 73kW / 123N · m, matching CVT gearbox, power basic enough, in addition to low fuel consumption, the most critical Is stable, but it needs attention, 1.3L models no VI version country.

compact Car: Skoda Octavia

guide price: 10.99-16.140,000

Engine: 1.2T 116 horsepower L4

TransmIssion: gear 7 dual-clutch

the owners of all the measured fuel consumption: 6.55L / 100km

Octavia Car can be said Volkswagen Lavida twin brother, has always been to build two vehicles are based on the same platform, just a different style, different target groups. Subject to the brand influence of reason, Octavia preferential significantly greater than Sunny, so it has a higher price.

power, sharp and Sunny same, also equipped 1.2T engine output 85kW / 200N · m, and matching 7-speed DSG transmIssion, fuel consumption same outstanding. Considering the sharp curb weight Is slightly lower, while the owners of the sample less, and ultimately to “slight advantage” to win.

Small SUV: Honda XR-V

guidance: 12.79-17.59 Wan

engine: 1.5L 131 horsepower L4

transmIssion: CVT CVT

all owners measuring fuel consumption: 6.99L / 100km

defeat Honda small Car segment, and finally pulled one back in the small SUV segment, XR-V with the advantage of 0.02L / 100km, and win fresh NIssan passenger.

ThIs self-priming 1.5L Earth Dreams engine + CVT gearbox combination of power, I am sure you are familiar with the riders, which are mounted on the Fit, front range of other models, transportWith direct injection, variable valve timing intelligent system technology, which have more power and lower fuel consumption in its class, but there Is also the problem of Carbon deposition, the need for regular plus additives other deposits.

compact SUV: Volkswagen T-ROC exploration song

guide price: 13.58-20.38 Wan

engine: 1.4T 131 horsepower L4

transmIssion: seven-speed double clutch

owners of all the measured fuel consumption: 7.45L / 100km

and sharp relationship with Sunny similar, song Ke Luo exploration and g Is the relationship between “sIster Car”, except that the trademark Volkswagen relatively hard, so the price range Is wider, higher extremes. In addition, exploration song 1.4T high and low points of power (230TSI and 150 horsepower 280TSI 131 hp), while Ke Luo grams only 1.4T high power (150 hp TSI280, Skoda TSI280 Is 1.2T, the front Octavia same paragraph) .

It Is also Why, exploration song 1.4T + 7DSG predecessor version, in order again to “slight advantage” to win. Of course, thIs one also has a curb weight and body size dominant reason, in short, Is to explore the song compact SUV “fuel king.”

in the Car: Skoda Superb

guide price: 16.99-23.99 Wan

engine: 1.4T 150 hp L4

transmIssion: seven-speed double clutch

all owners measuring fuel consumption: 7.19L / 100km

in the compact Car and compact SUV fuel consumption articles, Volkswagen Group has by virtue of fuel-efficient combination of gold EA211 + 7DSG successfully accounted for half. To the mid-size Car field, public set of powertrain, fuel consumption Is still windy standings, unceremoniously speed to send the first place in the bag.

However, thIs small-dIsplacement 1.4L turbo engine installed in a medium-sized Car, to deal with the daily urban transport Is no problem, but on the high-speed, + + full air conditioning when climbing or long traffic jam, or showing signs of fatigue easily, have a certain psychological preparation.

Medium SUV: mass transit concept L

guide: 21.88-35.08 Wan

engine: 1.4T 150 hp L4

transmIssion: 6-speed double-clutch

all owners measuring fuel consumption: 8.45L / 100km

in many people’s stereotype, the “fuel” and almost “Japanese Car” equated, but the most fuel-efficient models today’s inventory in each level, but it Is surprIsing Tu German public lIst. ThIs does not, midsize SUV segment, Is still EA211 stage.

The reason that thIs Is a “God machine”, it Is because no matter which level models to fit, or take the 7-speed DSG 6-speed DSG, You can have excellent fuel consumption performance, stunning. DETAILED to Tiguan L, 1.4T output 110kW / 250N · m, with the six-speed DQ250 wet double clutch gearbox, one hundred zero acceleration Is less than 10s, the average fuel consumption of less than 9L, for a medium-SUV, a good result has been a.

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