The most authentic Chinese-made “crock” car, how about production quality?

Under normal circumstances, we say “crock” Is the EnglIsh word “wagon” transliteration, meaning wagon. Yes, that Is such a big ass below.

From the “dIscrimination” to “hot pursuit”

in earlier years ah, thIs “big ass” by the US consumer “dIscrimination” , it was agreed that thIs Car looks “not serious.” Now that the US Auto market more mature, along with a variety of consumer demand for personalized, class structure hatchback models (including ordinary hatchback and SUV) sales continue to rIse, station wagon was not only accepted, and even favored by the younger age groups, it Is designed beauty and practicality people began to be sung.

As a result, some people began to complain, station wagons sold in the US market Is too expensive!

The reason Is simple, because the factory default small market demand, so the domestic introduction of the wagon are European imports, the price it Is not cheap. Fortunately, there Is always a manufacturers dare seize the initiative, to bring benefits to consumers, such as Skoda.

Skoda wagon to make more “people”

June 2015, the introduction of a new generation of sharp Skoda wagon, wide standard 1.8T +6 speed DSG powertrain, and equipped with full-time four-wheel drive system. High-profile, high power, and Is imported, but its starting price was as low as 199,200, was called the most cost-effective domestic European original wagon.

Two years later, in August 2019, Skoda Octavia station wagon Will be domestically, the new Octavia wagon version Is priced at 124,900, a new record low European original wagon price. Original emphasIs here IsBecause there are currently on the market claiming to be the station wagon, but the substance Is the product of the United States for special. Frankly speaking, SAIC Skoda Octavia wagon in recent years the country’s first and only domestic authentic “crock” Car.

However, after localization, and accompanied by another question, and that Is the domestic version of the Octavia travel, vehicle quality and reliability whether there Is drop it? We would like to know the answer, so specifically went to the new Octavia wagon birthplace – SAIC Volkswagen factory in Ningbo.

A further between “min factory”

SAIC Volkswagen to “minute factory” in the name, which means talking about thIs plant that Is less than a minute to produce a new Car, in order to highlight the plant’s large-scale and high efficiency. Ningbo factory results every 51 seconds there Is a Car off the assembly line.

Ningbo factory completed in October 2013, Is located in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area, a total construction area of ​​489,000 square meters, including stamping, body, paint and final assembly workshops, as well as technical center, training center, energy center and exhibition center and other related auxiliary production facilities. Ningbo factory planning an annual capacity of 300,000, in addition to the current production of the new Octavia family (Octavia and Octavia station wagon), also produces mass transit and mass transit Ling Ang, all of them are popular heavy vehicles in the domestic market.

The reason for the high

Yan value

the new Octavia family model, compared to the old beautiful lot, fashion simple style, as well as ultra-dIscerning degree design language are some bright spots. But if you think a high color value Is only the designer’s credit, it would be wrong. To produce a beautiful Car, a far more difficult than drawing. Transforming from language to language engineering, it has a high consideration of the production process.

Ningbo factory stamping plant using the current domestic Automotive industry’s most advanced, highest degree of Automation of mechanical press lines –9100T high-speed servo press lines. 9100T high-speed servo press line having a high pumping speed, high-quality, large size and low power characterIstics, 4.6m * 2.5m wide presses the mesa component production to meet the full size.

To improve the accuracy of matching between the parts, precIsion widely used public SAIC processing die, the size of fluctuation shaped part controlled within ± 0.2mm, to ensure accurate matching vehicle , seamless appearance, to better explain the language. For body side portion, and a bottom plate door inner panel and the like, with the overall mass SAIC stamping process, avoid secondary welding, while effective reinforcement body strength, and greatly enhance the aesthetic appearance and the consIstency.

Safety first whole skeleton

SAIC Volkswagen Ningbo factory body shop has 536 robots, Automation up to 86%, the new Octavia and Octavia station wagon ultra-high strength molded on thIs safety body in the body shop.

an entirely new family of models sharp body 22 by hot forming steel sheets, used in a proportion above the whole Car and high strength steel of more than 77%.

The key parts of the vehicle, such as: A pillar, B pillar, front dIscharge space portions foot beam, a central passage, the rear longitudinal and transverse beams are made of thermoformed steel etc., which has just now widely used in the aerospace field, a tensile strength than ordinary steel reinforced almost 3-5 times.

how to paint such an image of the yield strength of steel it, the equivalent of two adult elephants can withstand the weight of the coin, now you guess how many of the new Octavia model family coins?

laser welding technology I believe we are not unfamiliar, domestic Cars under the Volkswagen Group uses the basic connection between the steel of thIs technology, its advantages in addition to more than more beautiful traditional welding, bonding state and more dense, rigid structure increased by 30%.

by a large number of laser welding and high-strength steel, in conjunction with the vehicle body to enhance the body rigidity and accuracy, so that the vehicle Is not easy deformation during intense driving or non-paved road running, regardless of the driver comfort and safety have a good performance.

not only paint

When it comes to the paint shop, many people naturally think of the vehicle spray paint, paint shop actually do much more than that.

Before “color”, to complete the pre-electrophoresIs BIW, PVC sealing coat, finIshing Newspaper delivery, and wax-cavity injection steps, which meet the body color retention, corrosion resIstance, pollution, UV resIstance requirements.

Finally, the use of the 2010 New York Volkswagen the world’s leading water-based paint technology, as well as the most advanced 7-axIs robot Automatic spraying, to ensure product quality, while the completion of spraying paints and varnIshes. By virtue of thIs, the new Octavia and Octavia station wagon each offers six body colors to meet different consumer’s personality preferences.

offline vehicle perfect

came to the assembly shop, you can be understood as the image of the Car to complete the final assembly of the Car although installed, but Will not go into the hands of consumers.

Each of a completely assembled in the assembly line of the vehicle, to go through 100% offline detection, including rain tests, vibration tests, the odor detection and the like. Whenever the vehicle after the successful completion of all testing, can cross the final message, off the assembly line.

vIsited significance factory

not all brands are Willing to open up to the media to vIsit the factory, SAIC Volkswagen particular lead in thIs regard. You can say it Is a dIsguIsed form of advertIsing, boast production advantages of their products. But have to admit, because of the high standards, it created a high level of confidence SAIC public, in front of the Car Is also quality consumers have become more transparent.

Most consumers are not Car manufacturing talent, even if the media Is not, we may not read more see through the Car factory of mystery, but we Will be glad to see more An increasing number of Car manufacturers in thIs regard can SAIC Volkswagen to par.