The full amount and staging a car, need to pay attention when put the car?

Introduction: For the first time people buy a Car, they are worried about a lot of things there. Such as how to buy the lowest price, how to spend money when buying a Car as little as possible so these very real problems, they are to be considered. And when mention Cars, for the white Car Is indeed a lot of places do not understand. Today I Will talk with everyone and staging the full amount to buy a Car, what needs attention at the time to mention the Car?

attendant to check documents Is not complete

I have also worked in the 4S shop over a period of time, brand new Car and pay for the purchase of these are relatively sharp understanding of, and here we talk about what documents are needed. The first Is the original invoice with the original regIstration, the originals of which are tax-linked vehicles on the licensing and tax needs. Double Ninth Festival Is the most vehicle certificate, if there Is no certificate on board the Car Is no way.

look at Car production date, to avoid buying stock Car

because for the first time to buy a Car consumers, there are a lot of people do not know the concept of the stock Car. Some consumers when buying a Car Is also extremely concerned about stock Car. In general, the age of the vehicle more than six months can be called a Car stock Car. And a new Car compared to batteries and oil as well as other stock Car’s wiring harness probably as good as a new Car. Because, like a lot of mechanical handbrake of the vehicle, if the back of the hand brake after the brake dIscs rusting for a long time if pulled, might need to be replaced.

whether the Car has a small scrape and vehicle tools

first to talk about the Car virtually scratch, new Car If Care Is not in place, then probably there Will be little rubs around the body, if it Is the first time Car buyers might check Is not in place. Suggest that you check the vehicle at the time of the paint, holding a small flashlight can shine on the paint, the paint Is damaged if the Car Is very easy to see. Truck tool Is to be examined, like the spare tire of the vehicle and the tools to change tires are to be checked.

summary: The above mentioned three points Is when the Car needs attention. In fact, in the 4S shop to buy a Car Is quite tricky. Because the 4S shop after-sales service and maintenance levels are doing very good. If you have a different view, or feel I have not mentioned the place in the comments area, we work together to explore.