The first version TXL stardom mention car owners CIEL three months, to share feelings under car

Under the first appearance, TXL Nobody said it bought the Car ugly, domineering appearance, high color value, I am often asked the Car or not more than 300,000; daytime running lights useful, headlight Is very bright, but not very far illuminate, interior lights individuals feel good; the paint a little thin, but pearl white paint to look good than the other Car, according to using a mobile phone, which has a bright spot. The impact beam did not feel thick tiger eight, Cars are still very thick, Platinum Edition with good tires Is not very satIsfactory; rainy day open wiper loud, may wiper blade a little hard, a little better next time change wiper; in short appearance at first glance very domineering, feeling a kind of Land Rover, a bit like the front of the BMW, good looking, Is directed at thIs space and color value buy.

that under the right interior, interior work very satIsfied, very satIsfied with the feel Is within reach, not to mention a sense of luxury throughout the interior, but great texture (fine sense), he looked spent thinking of. Here only that are not satIsfied: the interior Is not satIsfied with the greatest middle gear position, mainly do not like white lines on both sides of the long hard materials, Carbon fiber buy a protective skin and the gear groove hard white lines nigra frame. CIEL version of the lower half of the door Is not a soft material, in fact, it does not matter with the impression exploration and crown Yue Road Is a hard material, however, still intend to buy online Carbon fiber pattern leather paste, anyway, Is not expensive. The Forum Platinum Edition control material Is not very good, sun exposure thermal expansion and contraction of the abnormal sound.

Is not satIsfied column A column b abnormal sound, abnormal sound has passenger seat, to several sale He did not give me solve. Now accustomed to not how loud, the accelerator pedal to 63-64-65 more than 120 yards to the oil until it Is vibrating, manufacturers hope to solve. There rattle when the sound of the brakes, to after-sale inspection Is too much iron brake pads, brake dIscs are the traces of the grind, the latter would like to own brake pads for a good point. Wet gearbox but 20 yards and 40 yards there Is frustration he felt, lIstening to riders manufacturers now say a beta program frustration he felt a brush gearbox, I do not know Is true or false, the manufacturers hope we can pay attention to the first batch of mice Car owners feelings. Center console looks good, but unfortunately there Is no place to put the phone, thIs Is not human.

The mostAfter the talk about Chery has been a trusted brand, other brands are using someone else’s engine gearbox repairer Chery stop only when bent to engage in research and development, the Big Three have their own brands, made Cars in the crowd. In addition, Chery has twice experienced toward the high end, thIs Is the third time the impact of high-end Cars, Chery experience than any high-end domestic Cars has comprehend. Known as the strongest American-made 1.6 core engine of the data Is very brIsk, especially the thermal efficiency reached 37.1%, and most domestic Cars rolling launch joint venture brands, coupled with Getrag seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, tuned very comfortable, no shifting sense of frustration, are good chassIs tuning, fuel consumption at the same level in the SUV be very low, the other stardom configuration Is very rich, very solid materials work, exterior and interior design very brIsk, especially in the first face banner design and throughout the taillights, especially beautiful atmosphere.

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