The easiest car maintenance, car wash conventional way Is

scorching summer, the summer months to avoid driving out of it, opened the garage and saw, as usual lax maintenance, full body covered with dust, and friends get together, Bel lose face, lose interest in travel than half , usually must pay attention to their Car cleaning and maintenance, especially Car glass, because for a long time without maintenance Will lose luster glass, ten minutes a day, you can easily keep the shiny Car, you pocketed face. ThIs article Is to tell you every day how to do maintenance on your Car, with the most simple steps to make the most scientific of Care.

The most simple Car maintenance, Car wash conventional approach Is, older drivers can quickly and perfect Car wash, rivers and lakes in the legendary two buckets of water washing method Is these; the teacher to the invention, but for most novice or usually not very used to wash their Car for a family Car wash Is a very troublesome thing, not a headache, Car washing Is very simple, after analyzing the composition of pollutants we then prescribe the right medicine the package you “to cure the patient.”

In the era of air quality Is getting worse, and sometimes go out in the morning spotless new Car Auto glass main pollutants or particles, dust and the like, at night coming home covered with dust, in some places, thIs Is no exaggeration, then how to clean up pollutants in the dust like it?

Is actually very simple, just a piece of cloth, but not an ordinary cloth must be soft, and also to gently wipe the dust because there are some gritty substance, If you use relatively coarse like hard, or too much force, it Will damage the surface of the Car, resulting in adverse effects on the appearance of the body

have the Car Is in rainy or muddy road traveled, the main body of the pollution Is the emergence of the mud, thIs time the rain can promptly help you solve the problem of cleanliness, if by chance the rain stopped, it can only rely on your own manually operated.

Common muddy water pollutants can be washed with water, wiper or cloth can be easily resolved, if they are more formidable kind, refractory materials, and other spots, wipe, spray, rags and other three tricks still unmoved run out of time, thIs time to teach you a little magicMove, thIs material can be said to be essential home – toothpaste, a toothpaste removed from the house, the toothpaste gently spread evenly on the spot, and then gently wiped with a cloth, etc., can easily solve the question you have to ask my principles, I can only tell you about, very fine particles of toothpaste, observed under a microscope can be seen as a miniature polIshing agent, whether you understand or not, but thIs does not prevent us from using thIs material.

With these economical not only very convenient way, we can solve 80% of the pollution your Car glass, other refractory, non-conventional pollutants not covered dIscussed herein, the friends, if necessary, can focus on micro-channel “small Car maintenance subscription number,” there are many About content maintenance of the Car.