The driver the car broke down, go after the 4S shop maintenance workers are shocked, friends laugh and cry

more interesting things to talk a recent chat circle of friends, and friends all know that there are Cars, Cars like people, are needed maintenance and regular maintenance or else, thIs depends on the individual’s loss degree Is kind of how the. If the Car Is not properly maintained, then it Will be much shorter life span, but also the safety factor Will be reduced a lot. Even a novice to thIs understanding Is there, because after all, the Car Is more expensive to buy over, if you do not Care, to open two or three years on the reimbursement, to be honest Is a little dIstressed. Say how interesting it Is because a woman driver in the circle of friends, she something happened, let us all laugh and cry. She drove hIs Porsche Cayenne, to be honest, a good Car.

But driving on suddenly broke down, so she hastily called a handlebar pull hIs Car pulled 4s shop. And circumstances 4s shop staff said that the Car engine Will start to shake, shake up the whole Car, did not dare open open. Then 4s shop maintenance staff took a look, surprIsed them all up. After opening the box found that Carbon accumulation Is very serious. The driver then asked you how it Is, you do not know where’s he Is, but simply could not tell that thIs should be the coal ash, he said it should be bought when there Is, which makes the staff dumbfounding. One million luxury Cars, we all know that the owners are very concerned about, we Will from time to time to 4s shop maintenance, because people who can afford thIs Car, thIs money Is not bad Care of. Then learn down, the driver has opened the tens of thousands of kilometers, but has not been serviced once, even the oil have not changed, 4s shop staff without staggering, really a bit dIstressed Car, if we do not Care then, the Car may have to be reimbursed, and so did the value of one million.

but the driver said hIs Car Is often a wash, wax play or something, and did not say anything like thIs oil plus maintenance and work rescue personnel to its engine, but has to die. Because the bottom and inside the engine garbage piled too much, if the Car Will continue to open, then it must be the engine for change. You can not believe thIs driver, because hIs Car was bought for only two years, and the price Is particularly high, did not expect one million luxury Cars, so reimbursement, so she was a little difficultaccept. And then sent to a circle of friends and we complained, he said he spent so much money to buy, although such losses can afford to accept, but still a little dIstressed. No one asked Why we still have to tell her to ride maintenance, oil still to be added, then a row crying face. In thIs regard we also Carried out some of her basic counseling Car, so she went to learn a lot of basic knowledge of Cars.

Then we asked her, how did fancy Car, it really Is because it looked like a good-looking Car. For thIs, configure the performance of Porsche’s how she did not understand that he only knew able to open, but the sales staff said good configuration, see the appearance of the Porsche while he Is also very fond of, so do not think you want to start with . Time has reported four or five insurance because she knows that the Car Is to have insurance, but she did not have a one-time used, I do not know the insurance Is used to doing, and that Is used to protect the safety of the owner . Then we told her to change the engine, to conduct a comprehensive overhaul the Car, look at what a small problem, try not to be such a thing, because the Car Is a loss of human security also not guaranteed.

But Xiao Bian would like to ask you, how long your Car Is serviced once or maintenance once it? For a good Car, do not feel bad maintenance money. OtherwIse, waiting for the bus breaks down, you know what Is the Porsche dIstressed worth millions, enough to keep him from a different engine repairs dozens of times, and it can be very not worth it. If you still do not understand the Car, then I suggest you go look at some of the most basic of basics, like thIs to the driver as to when it Is a bit embarrassing. What are your views on you, the woman driver? Welcome to comment below. For thIs the driver, you have nothing to say, let’s look at it.