The driver 4S automobile repair shop, temporary raid maintenance of the site, to see thIs scene very unhappy

Reprinted from one hundred Author: Max Well mile Car

the driver 4S Automobile repair shop, temporary raid maintenance of the site, see thIs scene Is very unhappy


economy standards improved, more people have Cars, Cars that run on the road Is blocked from time to time have a return, increasing traffic pressure Is not that big, but also increased the incidence of accidents. After After the accident, the right person Is lucky, the most troublesome or claims and repair, consider who finIshed responsibly, we must go to 4S shop repair the damaged Car, and if the other side Is the full responsibility, then it Is the first 4S store, there should be more regular maintenance point.

A few days ago who was behind Lee brought hIs Car to a rear-end collIsion at high speed , get off a look and found the back of the bumper have been damaged, and later the traffic police do take full responsibility for each other after the judgment, requiring sent hIs Car repair shop 4S also finally reached a consensus.

After the repair Ms. Lee feel less at ease, temporarily folded back, engage in a raid, did not expect to see Italy unexpected scene. Maintenance of the site, she found her Car’s bumper actually tied with wire to the vehicle body, her mind immediately Is extremely unhappy that the 4S shop actually on such a maintenance mode, amazing, that thIs Is an irresponsible attitude, during a detailed maintenance repair bill are not, nor explicitly told which part of the service, which replaced parts. If we are so even if the Car Is repaired, that she can not accept, if not long failure how to do?

Thus huff exposing the media to find. On thIs situation, 4S shop sale manager came forward to explain to Ms. Lee, you need to be finalized bumper Car repairs, but tied it with wire shape Is a process, not the final results of repair, if Ms. Lee for maintenance What Is not satIsfied with the results, they are likely to propose to re-repair. Lee insIsted that Is 4S shop irresponsible, and now looking for an excuse, if they do not find it, Is likely to be fooled by them, insIsted that the repair Is not here, but the manager has said that the Car has been repaired, and MIss Lee can open call to check, in the entourage of verification together, those original wire connection does not have the bumper, headlights and bumper repair Is also a new, 4S shop has been said that all parts are in need of repair to fix that, before seeing Lee just a means to repair the repair process, it caused such a mIsunderstanding.

However, there are owners said maintenance Is also a technology live, how it better or maintenance master the final say, besides the low end Car repair methods of low-end Cars, high-end Car maintenance method of high-end Cars, that’s for sure, after the final out Is certainly not possible to repair tied with wire, that’s not funny thing.