The damaged car parts, do go 4S shop to replace, not just because they are cheap repair!

in a moving vehicle, there are some internal parts are subject to wear and tear, we Will regularly drove to the 4S shop for maintenance. But maintenance Is not a small fee. So there Will be many owners Will choose to go outside the repair shop for maintenance. However, outside repair shop may be better than the 4S poor, but if there Is such a part once a problem occurs, it Is best to go to the 4S shop to replace just fine, be sure not to freeloaders.

to say what the parts are, that Is, we might mIss the engine timing belt. In the operation of the engine, each process Is the need to coordinate with each other, in the engine timing belt Is to play the role of thIs bridge, in the crankshaft drive to deliver power to the corresponding parts, but also because of its timing effect of thIs bridge, it Will come very important in terms of maintenance and repair, if the belt once because of damage, it Will probably cause the engine to produce more serious damage, which Is Why many of the high-end Cars in order to allow the engine the work system Is stable, and the reason with metal chain.

Is a part of the timing belt rubber member, it Will work as a long time, resulting in some of defeating or damaged, in order to ensure stable engine operation. In a typical vehicle traveling 60000-100000 kilometers of time, it must be replaced, and also noted that it Is possible to see the appearance of when the timing belt work anything unusual and did not appear, but in fact almost appear the event of breakage, once a replacement Is not timely, it Is not only damaging the engine, fracture occurs even while driving cause traffic accidents.

Although the timing belt look like much, but it belongs to the key parts, it Is recommended that the 4S shop to replace, after all, when the change in the 4S shop , there Is a guarantee of quality, which Is a little bit small Car can cause engine problems or jitter Is idle, so that whether parts or repair process in the 4S shop Is guaranteed. What do you think?

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