The cars of small problems, and that we can fix! Do not go down to the maintenance money to the point!

everyone Will more or less have some small problems in the use of the Car in the process, but due to lack of understanding of the basics of the Car, it can only look on in despair despite its development, or go to a professional Auto repair shop repair, done so often took some unnecessary money, paper for everyone inventory of some of the daily use of the Car Will appear in a small problem, in fact, these small problems can be solved on its own and does not require too much tools and processes too complicated, hope thIs introduction, we can be very good to keep abreast of those little questions about the Car, and the timely elimination of these small problems.

a knowledge point: Some Car wiper vibration and noIse Will appear after using for a long time, but many people do not know how to deal with the problem, in fact, where we can use pliers to various places there are joint rubber wipers of Cars clip properly adjusted.

knowledge II: For Car light bulbs, it Is prone to messy problems, but many owners do not know how to properly operate in order to timely clean-up, Will choose to clean shop clean-up, Is actually very simple, as long as the Car with alcohol bulb wipe once and then wipe it with a rag on it.

Knowledge Point three: the Car may be some noIse during driving, the noIse generated by thIs kind of problem may be due to the ground, it may the reason Is the Car itself, for that matter, it can tire of the Car in the inside of the fender sticky layer of black cloth so that it can play a very good effect of noIse reduction.

Knowledge Point four: After a Car tire replacement, may appear uneven phenomenon Automobile tires, wheel alignment can cause the Car not allowed at thIs time, we can with wooden file after the Car Is balanced, uneven place to be polIshed.

Knowledge 2.5: For the muffler of the Car, Will determine their quality of life the most important thing, you can make a small hole in the muffler below, so that you can be a good upgrade muffler life, in fact, the principle Is relatively simple, the role of small holes Is to put inside the corrosive EastWest dIscharged.

Knowledge 2.6: Car antenna Is relatively fragile place, we can Car antenna screwed down, then tack relatively strong glue to bonding to do so, then it can play a very good fixed effect.

six knowledge points above are some of the problems in the course of the Car Is easier to occur, and when these Issues arIse, I hope you can think of thIs point and do to as quickly eliminate such problems arIse Car.