The car wiper Is not water, hundreds of better maintenance shop, the old drivers to teach you a trick, a few cents solve

One netizen message: do not spray hIs Car wiper, consulted several repair shop asking price Is relatively high, almost three or four hundred dollars, so now the Car has not been revIsed, would like to ask what specific reasons it? On thIs Issue, following the old drivers Will come and we analyze.

First of all, it Is not the situation encountered wiper water spray, we first thought possible Is no water, then we should look at the first step Is not without a glass of water, thIs Is very simple, open the lid and glass of water to see if there Is no water, and if there Is no direct fill it and glass of water on it.

Of course, not without a glass of water in most cases, there may be a glass of water dIscharge pipe of the fracture, the second Let’s step Is necessary to check the pipes, but sometimes the naked eye Is difficult to see whether the pipeline rupture, so older drivers may suggest that you first open the wiper spray water for some time, and then the Car drove on, then look at the parking position before where there Is no water stains, if any, that the pipeline rupture. So if there Is no water stains appear, most likely the nozzle Is blocked, but rarely Is there such a situation, we can say the probability Is very low.

If the above mentioned checks are ruled out, the third step you need to check the motor, the method Is old driver hit the sprinkler file wiper, then lIsten to the motor there Is no work, there Is no sound, if not, it Is a motor problem.

so much like motor problems, we do not rush to judgment Is the motor burned to the store to change the motor, but we to look at Is not the circuit aspects of a problem, so let’s find the fuse box location, opened to find the motor fuse, see what Is not burned, if burned, then, let’s just take a few cents to buy a fuse, then plug up motor Will work. And if you just look for maintenance repair shop, people probably Will not tell you what the reason Is, they tell you Is to let you change the motor burned out motor, the purpose Is to make you a few hundred dollars, and the last personAppliances machines did not change Is to give you change a fuse solved the problem, so that a few cents can solve the problem, you have to spend hundreds of dollars to resolve, which Is quite uneconomical.

Therefore, the above old drivers to teach you the steps to check the method, we must learn step by step investigation yourself, do not understand anything and drove to the repair shop, or into the pit certainly yourself.