The car was rear-ended the car the man to the car repair shop 4S lights unexpectedly change to hit the other cars

February 2016 No. 28, Xinyu City, an Tsang, complained a local Auto 4S shop told Reporters that they actually secretly stole hIs Car’s headlights.

March 1 at noon, the Reporter to follow Mr Tsang, came Xinyu City, thIs Dongfeng Yueda Kia franchIse stores. Mr Tsang told Reporters that hIs Car Is Kia in May 2015 in thIs 4s shop to buy. February 2016 4 at noon, because the Car was rear-ended, he took the Car to be repaired here. Because of the need Car years ago, Mr Tsang asked maintenance staff Can repair as soon as possible, he needed the Car, but the receptionIst told him that some of the parts warehouse currently not, so sometimes impossible Xiude Hao, let him wait more than a dozen day.

Since it Is so, Mr. Zeng could do nothing but wait for selection. Unfortunately, all the Lantern Festival had finIshed, Mr Tsang did not received a phone call 4S shop area. August 24, he decided to go look at the situation 4S shop, but when Mr Tsang again see their Car, instantly was shocked at the scene in front of the 4S shop. He dIscovered that he left the Car fender and headlight demolIshed down. However, the Car was rear-ended the rear Is obviously impaired, but Why split front left headlight left. Mr Tsang puzzling. Staff answer Is likely to be the dIsmantle wrong.

For thIs explanation, Zeng immediately difficult to accept. The Car crashed places not repaired, the headlights but demolIshed gone, Mr Tsang although she Is very happy, but there Is no other way, then go home and wait.

February 27, Mr Tsang grew more and more uncomfortable, so he would let her son go 4S shop to see the situation. ThIs time the lights, or not even installed. And make them feel even more strange Is that the store staff, not always get the headlights of the vehicle’s first wife, but took a new headlight perfunctory them.

Accordingly, Tan Xiaojie (Tsang son) and the staff heated quarrel. Eventually, another staff member came out, let them say very shocking truth, Mr Tsang original lights have been unloaded into someone else’s Car, andThe reason Why Mr Tsang Car lights has not been installed, because given the goods late.

only six months to buy a new Car, even in the case they do not know, are 4s shop maintenance staff, the original lights go for. For such an approach, Mr Tsang was very angry, it Is difficult to accept.

At the same time 4s shop staff said, when they are only emergency borrow it, then certainly repay. However, for the borrowed 4s shop’s views, Mr Tsang was ridiculous. He felt that if you want to borrow, you should first go through the premIse by permIssion of the owner to move hIs things, or thIs Is not borrowed.

4s shop side that now the lights have been put back, Mr Tsang did not hurt at all. However, Mr Tsang did not think so, he suspected he did not know in the case of other parts of hIs Car may also be changed.

(ThIs article Is divided into two parts. ThIs article Is Part I, Part II can watch the outcome Is unknown, search for the title. “ accused the owners of Cars 4S store employees steal Therefore, the two sides debated rights do failed “)