The car was rear-ended send 4S shop maintenance, the driver feel perfunctory 4S shop: bumper tie it with wire

accident bumper was damaged, the driver raid 4S shop: their maintenance way too wonderful

After a traffic accident, usually to determine who in the end Is the responsibility, then after the damage to be repaired. As a party no responsibility, generally want their Car maintenance can be a little better, usually required to 4S shop maintenance. Ms. Lee said after hIs Car was rear-ended, full responsibility for judging each other, after the Car was sent to Ms. Lee 4S shops do not feel at ease, so when the raid 4S shop maintenance, did not think she’s found a wonderful scene.

Ms. Lee said he drove at high speed on Oct. 7, I did not expect did not open how long, he was rear-ended another Car, then the Car behind the bumpers were damaged, and police later determined that the other party Is over full responsibility. Lee said hIs Car into a new or 9, it opened a 10,000 km, it Is required to 4S shop maintenance, insurance companies and other companies have agreed.

After a few days, Ms. Lee feel at ease, then went to 4S check, Ms. Lee did not expect thIs examination unable to bear, she found the 4S shop maintenance mode Is very wonderful, but her bumper with iron wire linked together. Ms. Lee feel thIs way so how can they repair garage, she found the media exposure requirements, thIs 4S shop.

Ms. Lee said that if the 4 house so repair them ready to be delivered to her, how that line, so to see the Car he was afraid, give hope 4S statement. When Lee saw the person in charge of 4S shop Is very excited, saying they were not even looking for her a lIst signed, but did not notice her in the end what people want to change, and those are just a trim.

However, 4S shop manager for these mIsunderstandings are, in fact, these are communicated with Ms. Lee, Ms. Lee and if not satIsfied with the process of repair can be requested. When Lee asked how thIs tie wire going? 4S shop how it Will be handled so casually? Manager said that the bumper in fact has yet to be repaired, Ms. Lee came just to see the wayTo a repair process, in fact, need a bumper repair adjustment stereotypes, stereotypes and then for final repairs, some impatient Lee.

but Lee insIsted that the 4S shop maintenance irresponsible, but fortunately, he Is very Careful dIscovered the problem, if he did not find the words to fool so later, so I do not want to say anything here repaired. In fact, now manager has been repaired, you can open look, witnessed by Reporters really have no wire Flanagan, including bumpers and headlights and maintenance have been better. Manager re-emphasized a bit, because inside the Car by the impact, so the seam Is not combined with the bumper, tied up with wire needs to stereotypes.

While lIstening to manager explanation, but Ms. Lee said hIs thoughts shaded, dared not open the Car, but the manager has repeatedly said that after the repair Is not safe question, what if Lee Is not satIsfied where they can re-repair.

the public that goes, rational woman and she said, then understand the Car friends, you think it Is too Care about the deception 4S Lee or Lee impatient of it?