The car tire repair and maintenance methods must bear in mind, in particular, point 3 of the most important!

In our daily lives, the Car Is a common means of transport, but also becoming an integral part of life vehicles. But the Car Is frequently used, it Is inevitable, large or small crash. We usually need to pay attention to inspection and maintenance, as well as the rational use of Car tires, so you can save a lot of maintenance costs, but also to protect our personal safety.

now for everyone finIshing the maintenance and methods of repair Car tires, let us save vehicle maintenance costs, while also guaranteed safe travel.

a, tires and maintenance Note

1. Regular tire manufacturers have marked speed levels index, we should bear traveling within the speed tire while driving.

2. The larger the load of the tire, the greater the load of the vehicle, and the shorter the life of the tire.

3. If we are in a long gravel road or bad road conditions traveling by Car, the tires Will reduce the life of the vehicle.

4. The driving process, we want to get rid of bad driving habits. For example, start too fast, swerving and emergency braking and other acts, Will give the Car a serious loss.

5. Tires need routine maintenance, check the tire pressure regularly and timely repair and clean up the tread, and sharp stones stuck in the inside of the tread, which can effectively extend the life of the tire .

Second, the case of Automobile tires require maintenance and replacement of the

1. Tire times

the number of Car tire repair can not be too much, one or two of tire Will not affect the normal use of the tires, but after more than three times, for safety reasons proposed to replace the tires. Because when we high-speed driving, the temperature inside the tire Will rIse, too much damage even if the tire repair very well, there Is still the rIsk of a puncture occurs.

2. The tire deformation from the package

from the package case occurs Tire deformation Is very dangerous, thIs time the metal coil inside the tire has been deformed or broken, if we continue with luck, likely tire blowout danger.

(World of Cross tire wrench Model: 48101)

Preferably, the first time go to a professional repair shop check processing, in general, the proposed replacement tires. If you have a spare tire in our cabin, you can use the world of cross tire wrench to remove the damaged tire, and then replaced with new tires. The role of the tire cross wrench for removing and installing the main part of an Automobile tire, which offers a better tire screw can efficiently handle slider, easy installation and removal of the tire. It Is one of the most frequently used tools for vehicle maintenance.

3. Car sidewall puncture

Automotive Car tire wall surface damage Is more dangerous Sabine, if local damage suffered Is near the hub edge, tires must be replaced at the lower side of the tire identification, because the degree of steel wire tire here Is very weak, almost beyond repair tires.

If the Car engine Is the heart, then the tire Is the Car’s feet. As the saying goes a thousand miles begins with one step. Car friends to promptly check the Car’s tire maintenance before traveling. Because the quality of our tires directly related to travel safety, vehicle owners should pay attention to it.

The above Is the Car wheel maintenance and tire replacement if necessary today to finIshing, such as some content for your help, it can be forwarded to family or friends to share Oh, tomorrow see.