The car sent to 4s shops, to mention cars found paint Is scraped, punctured tire, said: what we dry!

Car, like people, occasionally there Will always raw spot dIsease, either scratching it, or Is crashed, normal, then sent to the 4S shop to repair thIs! Just a lot of people think 4S shop Is the safest place, it really points out the problem! MIss Yang encountered such a thing, would have been a small problem, the result has made several glaring problems, but the culprit Is the 4S shop itself!

MIss Yang bought a Passat sedan, the front windshield broken last month, took the Car to the 4S shop preparation maintenance, but thIs time MIss Yang maintenance experience she Will never forget! That Is really twIsts and turns, MIss Yang put the glass under Car inspection, they found the body next to the glass paint Is scraped! They said the workers got Careless, and then to paint scratched Issue negotiation fails, you describe a few pen strokes as a temporary treatment, then it Is intended to drive away!

However, just getting out of the 4S shop less than 5 meters, the Car feeling something was amIss, and then fold back and found the tires a little bit wrong ! Finally found a rear tire actually poke into the nail, should be tucked in when maintenance workers, because at that time the place had a lot of open repair parts, and workers also admitted that hIs tie go! First, the paint Is scraped, later the tires were slashed, which makes Ms. Yang uncomfortable as the day 4S shop staff have been off work, so Ms. Yang Will tire repair their own money to go somewhere else!

The next such a long time, MIss Yang out of the question for the Car already and 4S shop negotiate compensation Issues, but there has been no result! That day find again the 4S shop, scratching their due representation as manager of sheet metal exchange windshield caused by Careless, thIs tire headlong into a nail, do not rule out the possibility of their doing, after all, just getting out of the 4S shop did not take long indeed their negligence caused dIstress to MIss Yang, they are also Willing to compensate!

However, both the Issue of compensation negotiations fail Why the delay? 4S shop Is ready to mend paint, MIss Yang Tire money back! MIss Yang should paint the roof to do the money in cashIn the form of supply her! After all, the Car in the 4S shop had so many problems as simple as in the past, with no real compensation, was simply uncomfortable! Finally, 4S shop plus a maintenance, MIss Yang no longer oppose, so consult both down!

The Car can go wrong in the 4S shop, 4S shop Is no longer vIsible Car sheltered harbor, so you take it to the 4S shop to do the maintenance, the mention Car one thing to double-check it again, or on your tires might headlong into a nail!