The car not long stood open, remember to do so, otherwIse the warranty Will not send overhaul!

long stood not open the Car, remember to do so, otherwIse the warranty Will not send overhaul!

not afraid to open the Car we all know, fear Is place a long time, because the Car Is usually not open bad, but let it bad. ThIs would very much like us humans, we humans also need more training to be able to allow the body to become healthier, if every day, lie still, then some of the pain Will come its way. But there are a lot of people usually buy a Car after the usage Is relatively low, if it Is less open, then we must give the vehicle good protective measures, thIs way, then we can reduce the chance of Car problems. So we parked the Car at the time let go of the need to pay attention to what things? Today we’ll talk about thIs topic.

first before parking have to do some preparation, and that Is when we stop and try to choose the Car parked in the interior of the garage, because we are known Car paint Is also very easy to damage, the main component Is an epoxy resin paint, it Will be very easy to air oxidation, if parked outdoors for a long time, then the paint Is undoubtedly a type of impairment because of a long time, then paint Will gradually become dull, or even some rust, but we all know that we live in the environment, air quality Is very poor, now under rain few words are mostly acid rain, acid rain ph values ​​are generally less than if the Car after such a shower of rain, Will accelerate the rate of oxidation reaction of the paint surface Is 5.6, and if the vehicle Is parked outdoors, there are some there Is a bird feces Is relatively normal phenomenon, ph value of the bird feces can even reach 389, its acidity Is very strong, corrosive paint Is very large.

but many people have such a problem that there Is no parking space in the city, often the Car Is in a state of outdoor situations, if we parking Is outdoors, then we can give the Car a two sewing. Because in addition to the above mentioned problems, beyond corrodes the paint, then we stop in the outdoor, sun’s ultraviolet rays which Will be contained in the sameAccelerate the speed of the aging of the paint, so we set the vehicle on a garment, then it Is equivalent to hIs Car put on a protective cover, to a certain extent, can also help us protect the Car’s paint.

Another point that needs something special attention, that Is, when long-term parking, but also must remember the power from the device, because if the Car stalled after the Car there Is no electrical power failure, then he Will also still take power from the battery inside. Even if these appliances do not work, but Is also kept in the bottle dIscharge of electricity, for a long time, then the battery Will cause a loss, so when long-stay parking, be sure to cut off all electrical equipment inside the vehicle, to batteries are fully charged, and thIs Is a very important thing.

Generally our vehicles do not stop even in the state, the battery Will decline 1 percent of electricity a day, if the parking time Is too long then the battery there are also some damage, it Is recommended that our friends if, in the circumstances, the proposal Is still a week or so to launch a Car to the battery charge 5-10 minutes, the battery Is like thIs for some very good maintenance role, of course, if that Is long trip was not at home, then stop for a long time, we can directly removed the negative battery line Is thIs possible, or Is holding a special charger and let it charge a friend to help. There Is to pay attention to regularly check the tire pressure, and if the tire pressure Is too high or too low, not good for a vehicle, usually once a month or so to check on it, did not need checking too frequently. Here’s the Car’s oil regularly Is also a variety of oil concerned mainly refers to the oil, brake fluid, coolant, power steering oil, which were most prone to the problem Is the oil.

In general, if the long-term Car parked not open, it does not mean we can abdicated, routine maintenance Is also indIspensable things, not only to Carefully look at the battery charge, tire pressure, the whole Car oil Is also very noteworthy.