The car needs painting? Do not worry, take a look at these dry!

common types of Car paint Is not much, Is divided into common paint, metallic paint and pearlescent paint.

common paint: among the most common paint based paint, synthetic materials, including resins, pigments and additives. Non-metallic paintwork, also known as solid colors, we often see pure white, red and so on are common paint large, pure color single.

Metallic: on the basIs of common paint added aluminum powder, bright color richer, better paint texture, such as the common silver stars, champagne gold, sapphire blue and so on. Metallic paint in the sunlight, can be seen that dense, shiny metal particles, it Is easy to dIstinguIsh the common paint.

pearl finIsh: Principles pearlescent metallic paint with the same, except that instead of Mica aluminum. Mica particles into complex light refraction occurs, different angles can reflect different colors, thus creating colorful vIsual effect. Pearlescent paint usually appear in high-end models, costly and troublesome patching.

Car hand, most of the paint Is easily damaged. Inadvertently rubs or scratches, Car wash are not Careful, it can cause paint damage. Usually minor abrasions, wounds white, paint surface Is scratched paint surface, but did not reveal a primer, thIs Is not necessary to make the paint, the crude wax polIshed with wax or play a few scratches also slowly dIsappeared.

a little serious scratched, if they can see the color of the underlying primer, then please look at the sCar site. In general, bumpers, mirrors and some Car wheel eyebrow these parts are plastic Will not rust. In addition to ugly Actually, it’s a big problem. Do not fill up painting to see the owner’s own request. However, if these severe wounds appear on other parts of the body, it needs a touch-up painting, or even a small breakage, steel Will start to rust, or else by then, it Is difficult to even up painting the rust .

have to pick up painting paint factory qualified professional qualifications. There Is no perfect technology painters, no noDust high temperature paint shop, it Is impossible to obtain a satIsfactory paint effect.

Also to remind everyone, do not repair companies advertIsed by some of the so-called original paint repair fooled. Original painting process Is to go through 200 ℃ high temperature baking. Such a process of finIshed vehicles repaint the Car for fear that no parts affordable. When refinIshing paint Is used specifically for low-temperature baking, with the original paint Is not about children.

before the refinIsh colors are patched out of the deployment, with the use of growth over time, paint the vehicle has started to fade, tone up painting if totally dependent on the time of the original Car factory , it Will have a clear color. And in order to match the current color of the vehicle as possible, only be transferred now.

In addition to color does not appear as much as possible, even if only a small piece of the body need touch-up painting, vehicle maintenance staff Will put all associated with re-spraying . For example, where there Is a need to make up the door, then the repair works Will often prevent the rub for the sector, the upper half of the fan or the fan at the door half full spray, so that even a slight color difference could not see out.

polIshing, waxing Is not a difficult thing, if you are Willing to get involved, fully themselves. There are a variety of polIsh, a liquid, there are waxy, depicting can opt. After washing the body, pour some of the vehicle body, and with a soft fleece, cloth or chamoIs circular motion like light and uniformly applied to the vehicle body. Need not be very hard. A thin layer, not very thick, but smooth and uniform. Do not operate when under sunlight, the surroundings should be clean. After waxing, wait a little, two hours and then out of the bus, which Is to make the wax layer attached to a coagulation time.