The car Is still going to the 4S shop maintenance repair shop, where the routine you know how much?

Car maintenance

Car Is to go to the 4S shop maintenance or repair shop, where the routine you know how much? Now for a Car of my friends, in addition to the usual refueling, there are Car maintenance Is a very important topic, a friend asked, maintenance Is good in the 4S shop, or go to the repair shop, both of which have nothing routine now many owners to structure their own Cars do not understand, so the Car maintenance, the general Will choose to compare trust 4S shop maintenance, maintenance up so she was more peace of mind, rest assured, although the 4S shop maintenance Is indeed comprehensive, but its price Is very expensive, to the 4S shop maintenance, sales lady Will recommend to you a wide variety of maintenance projects, each project 1-200 yuan, set down to do maintenance, spent a few thousand large one hundred yuan of money, while they actually do maintenance projects in the repair shop only a few hundred dollars you can.

Check the oil

In fact, there are many projects to the 4S maintenance Is not required to do, but the sales lady Will recommend to you, you time to learn to say no, especially to replace some of the parts, their Car feel no obvious symptoms, in fact, can not change, in short, 4S shop maintenance costs are expensive. The repair shop Will be much cheaper, the same oil and parts repair shop to be about 30 percent cheaper, and repair shop for parts that do not call it a day when the fee. Of course, thIs does not mean that a good repair shop, some black heart of shoddy repair shop Will put some of the oil to sell you fake, in addition to these problems, there may be some technical problems, originally a small problem, and finally by their complicated repair minor problems eventually become a big problem, of course, going where maintenance, you also need to weigh yourself! What do you think we do thIs, we hope that the next message interaction!