The car Is going to 4S shop maintenance or repair shop maintenance, do not look dIsastrous

As one of more popular, Car maintenance has become a topic we are most concerned about the Car, many people are reluctant to go to 4S shop maintenance, maintenance of expensive materials, a variety of projects and more working hours The rate also expensive.

so many people choose to go under repair shop to do maintenance, there Is a problem a claim to the 4S shop, three packs, often encounter thIs or that problem, and I have the following Here we talk about going to the 4S shop maintenance and the pros and cons.

not to 4S shop maintenance benefit Is certainly cheap, but a lot of people think that harm Is no longer enjoy the 4S shop three bags of policy, in fact, thIs Is wrong, not to 4S shop maintenance, can enjoy Warranty policy set by the state, to note here Is what parts enjoy three bags and three bags of time, first of all, light bulbs, tires, glass, wipers, brake pads, clutch plates, which sold three bags of wearing parts time Is very short, it feels mostly three months, which Is the first maintenance, then the battery, there are packages a year, there are two packages, a variety of brand models specified Is not the same, then the other parts, as long as no one damage, bump, due to external forces, sixty thousand kilometers can enjoy a three-year warranty, three years or sixty thousand kilometers more than one can no longer Carry out three bags of claims. Mentioned above Is not 4S shop maintenance can also enjoy three bags of policy.

Finally, the most important Is the engine, gearbox Warranty policy, feel most Car engines transmIssions are five-year warranty one hundred thousand kilometers, different rules for each brand models, not to the 4S shop maintenance many people think that the engine Is not to the package, which Is wrong, not to 4s shop maintenance engine, transmIssion Is also possible to warranty, but note that a condition requiring owners to provide maintenance every time out once the invoice, the materials must be required nationally recognized hair repair shop, we must also use materials certificate of origin, to submit all the formalities completed, wait for manufacturers to review, if all the formalities establIshed, gearbox, engine also can enjoy the warranty.

Do not think that the engine, gearbox all enjoy a three-sixty thousand kilometers warranty, gearbox inside the toothed ring, ring and so on small pieces of a three-year sixty thousand kilometers, inside the engine oil seals, oil mats are also three sixty thousand kilometers.

not to 4S shop maintenance biggest shortcoming Is actually oil, outside repairFactory mixed, oil no way to identify good and bad, true and false oil, oil shoddy renovation, if the rate Is low-grade oil, damage to the engine Is great.

Next, the advantages and dIsadvantages to the 4S shop talk. The harm to the 4S shop Is certainly expensive, all other Issues revolve around price. And then talk to the 4S shop of interest, first of all, every time to the 4S shop maintenance, in case the vehicle Is easy to three packs a problem, there Is the oil and parts, accessories and general 4S shop are original oil supply, no fake, false if there Is oil, 4S shop owners can not afford the consequences brought about, 4S shop as long as dare to oil use, basically you can rest assured with the inside 4S shop to recommend use of oil, even the cheapest Is also possible, can not be used, the engine damaged, it can not sell.

Finally talk about, the owner, 4S shop, factory-party manufacturers Is actually the farthest. 4S shop owners and Is in fact positive contact, so there may be something to talk about calm Will be solved, not like some blocked the door, make a big bother to worry about, the owner Is seeking nothing more than a problem-solving, 4S shop also the owners want to solve the problem, but can also earn a portion of the factory three bags of money, Why not?