The car has a scratch how to do, do not go to the repair shop and they can repair

The Car Is now more and more, now with more and more Cars, which Is caused by a problem more and more. Many owners in daily driving in, Will encounter some small problems, small rub by Car Is a more common problem in everyday driving. And now a lot of people’s Car has scratches, they are not going to find some repair or repair shop to repair. Which scratches Both of these methods Will affect the Car, one of which Will affect the Car appearance, the other Is to make yourself spending a small fortune in fees.

In fact, there are many scratches on the Car when it Is easy to fix, as long as the Car scratches are not very large, we can repair itself, and basically you can also use common things in life can make scratches dIsappear, so there does not have to scratch very open to the repair shop, repairing scratches himself can do.

The first step in repairing hanging constant, the first Is the need to get your Car scratched that part of the clean up. So that it may be next job, so the purpose Is to let us keep the Car clean, paint and clean more easy to color. Go to some general Auto repair shop, their first step Will basically have to go clean up the site of the scratch, and then start repair.

After the clean up, how we are going to do! If you’re at home, we can use cola, it can also be repaired scratch the Car. ThIs time you only need to come up with cola, pour some then with a dry cloth, clean of Coke, then scratched place to go gently rub, rub a few times repeatedly. So you Will find that you are already getting scratches dIsappear.

In our daily life, essential balm Is also a very common items. It Is also useful to deal with a scratch on the Car of the role, he Is also the usage of coke usage Is the same, but the wind spirits are relatively cheap, a very affordable scratch repair agent. We just need to clean of wind spirits, rubbed a few times where there are scratches, which you can see the effect of the.

The last method Is the most effective method, the method Is waxing. Car scratched, many people Will use thIs method to solve waxing. Then we only need a place to scratch in the Car, apply the wax on the Car, and then use a towel soaked in warm water, gently place scratches, repeatedly rub a few times. In thIs way, those relatively small scratches easily cleared, and thIs way, there Is a relatively good results, you can let us Car paint brightness increase.

these methods mentioned above, there are actually a better effect on those Cars Is relatively small scratches, but we are ordinary, driving may be some deeper scratches, and some may be have a lot of scratches, which Is within the paint of the Car, may also be subject to a certain amount of damage, so the above methods may not be so useful, we need to use some Auto repair shop to go.

The above methods are encountered in the Automotive methods that can be used after hanging constant, in fact, we use these relatively fixed, the more we should note we daily driving some of the specifications, as well as vehicles parked position.