The car flew open air, minimum air temperature maximum amount, in thIs way the cooling effect of the worst!

went to the summer, whenever the season comes when Car owners are all the most headaches. If the Car outside exposure Word of the day, you want to drive a Car takes a lot of courage, because thIs time the temperature inside the Car has rIsen to a very sCary figure, even to have more than doubled the outdoor temperature, so that thIs time driving Is very uncomfortable. So when the summer driving we can only rely on air conditioners bring us cool. But how to properly use the air conditioning did not know a lot of people, a lot of people immediately got on the air conditioning, the lowest temperature adjustment, adjust the maximum amount of wind, but in fact the Car cooling effect under thIs approach Is the worst, give us today summer tips about the science of air conditioners.

1: Do not open the Car air conditioner

for a long time parked Car air inside the Car Will be very turbidity, air quality becomes poor. The key Is the temperature inside the Car Is terrible. If thIs time directly on the open air, then first of all air condition the Car Will be poor, and secondly because the inside temperature Is too high, even if the air conditioner to maximum temperature, then it Will not come down quickly.

ThIs time we best way Is to first open the window, then open the outer loop, so that the temperature outside the Car and the temperature inside the Car as much as possible achieve a balance. Because in a closed case after exposure of Automotive interior temperature Is very sCary. So we do thIs so that we can quickly the temperature inside the Car down.

external circulation handover

and wait until the temperature drops outside temperature substantially similar, we can turn on the loop to cool down, but thIs time we should remember that it Is in the loop, do not use a long time, although thIs Will be very cool, but if over time, it Will not circulate the air inside the Car, because gradually occupants breathe reasons, resulting in air becomes very thin, that time there Will be chest tightness, dizziness symptoms.

after time

Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of such an event, we drove on a long period of time in the cycle useMust be appropriate window or open the outer loop, where it Is recommended that the best window ventilation effect.

outlet up

The last point Is more important, a lot of people said their Car air conditioning can not be fast cooling, for thIs Is actually the summer cooling itself Is slower, followed by a lot of people might not have the correct ventilation. We want to open our outlet after open air upward, so that cold air rIsing, because we all know that cold air heat high low, we only use cold wind cooling air to make our Cars fast cooling.

summer driving itself Is a torment, and air conditioning Is our most important tool for refrigeration, above which a few can help you better enjoy the summer, whether or not we understand?