The car also has a house, a car and a house and what good Is it?

The Car must also have a house, a Car and a house and what good Is it? If not, what kind of impact? a lot of friends who are owners know the Car parked outside Will hurt ultraviolet or acid rain or high temperatures, and so these things. So, even if he did not buy an underground parking space, but also can be considered a rent, thIs cost Is not too high, it Is best to find hIs Car to an underground parking garage.

Car which parked not open long actually than the time to open the line number, so rent a parking space Is certainly a big role. According to some reports the data to show that U.S.’s people to work and how long the average round-trip commute of 0.96 hours, probably an hour’s time. If the family Is concerned with, and go to work every day after work, so we must take the time to a minute, plus evenings and weekends usually are likely to play, so probably a day when about 1-2 minutes time.

say so, hIs Car parked chance, far more than its opening on the road more opportunities. In simple terms the length of the day Is only 4% to 8% Is driving. In view of thIs situation, then it Is to find a little better position to stop the Car Is very very important. If you do not want or can not afford to buy a parking space of a parking space, then directly to rent a parking space Is also a good choice. Office premIses in a second-tier cities inside and rents in the dIstrict which Is about in 300-500 yuan, according to our Car day was stopped for 22 hours so to count, so a bell without a dollar.

parked in the outdoors, then those Will directly accelerate the aging of the paint. One thing Will make you feel uncomfortable, no outdoor parking spaces Will stop, it Will easy to hurt the Car. First parked outdoors, it would paint accelerated aging, natural sunlight and rain or bird droppings, and so other things lethality Is relatively strong. In the sunUnder long-term exposure, those contained in the sun’s ultraviolet rays Will be other organic ingredients that contain resin and so we paint directly caused the harm, which would accelerate the oxidation process, quickly aging a. And the white Car Is easy to yellow, thIs Is very significant, if the sun Is a powerful point, then the body Will lose luster, and even some places there Will be cracked, if the Car paint Is not good, there may also be a direct faded.

Acid rain Will cause corrosion paint of rain can also cause the Car some damage, and under normal circumstances, the water can flow in the Car, when the Car wash Is to be so dry. But the key Is that the current environment Is not very good and the air, rain falling from the sky, Will bring those compounds containing nitrogen and oxygen Is air or a sulfide contaminants and dirt that are all dIssolved in the rain inside. And so what form it? Corrosion Is something that sulfuric acid and nitric acid, and so those are all acidic substances in the air pollution it extremely serious situation PH value Is not more than 5.6 kind of acidic rain, so our Car body paint It Will certainly produce those corrosion.

The resin of the paint as well as those droppings Will cause some injury If the Car Is parked directly in the tree, then if the resin Is fall, then, the kind of sticky glue as with oil, and the birds stop at the top of the tree to pull out of the guano, etc., the damage to our paint Is extremely large. Because they are included in the activity of the group, but there are a lot of things, and they Will paint those substances contained in our Car glued together to produce some reaction. ThIs creates a small lump, but also very flat, some are projecting the kind of direct, you Will be able to directly touched, but it Is some kind of concave, looking at the strange uncomfortable, very light whole.

so the sun’s ultraviolet rays to sun drying, then rainTo Nongnong, together with guano to stick to one years later, faded or yellowed sure it Is very obvious, and no more than three years, the owners of their own friends should be a great feeling. Temperature garage below Is constant in winter and warm in summer Is cool. The underground garage Is a good, and underground parking garage Is relatively constant temperature, in fact, warm in winter cool in the summer, the reason for thIs Is due to the formation of soil that can heat transfer due to thIs feature can be a certain difference. In particular, when the summer heat, the heat wave that we have on the ground Is not particularly fast spread deep underground where, can only be reached by underground slowly.

and below the temperature of the surface and there Is a certain difference of time. That below the hottest and coldest time on the same surface on which there Is a difference in the time of. For example, we in New York in July, when was the hottest, hottest and 0.8 meters underground, it Is the in August, while 1.6 meters underground where the hottest time Is in September, and if it Is when 3.2 meters underground where the hottest up to November. In thIs case the garage or underground heat can be compared.

if any choice of words on a rent or buy an underground parking space.