The car also did plated crystal paint, paint questioned the owner did not do a good job, 4s: Nobody Is allowed to think, external factors

Car fear most Is the problem, you have to repair the problem, repair it may also repair other problems, most notably just bought a new Car out of the question, hIs heart ache. Let’s talk about thIs brand Lincoln, Lincoln can be considered a high-end products, mainly in the service of some senior middle class, Lincoln’s Cars are designed to look different from other ordinary vehicles, opening times are out there face. Below the very fact that there Is a Lincoln sedan, but the Car’s exterior paint has been a problem, which may make him a bad headache.

The very fact that there are a Lincoln mkc, Is in May thIs year at a Lincoln 4s shop to buy, the prices of 330,000 yuan, by the end of last month, in a washing process, found the paint a little bit wrong, Car wash teacher told her that the Car seemed out of the paint, the very fact that one can see that at the roof at the paint, it Is clear that the roof there are several places paint, exterior paint have come off a few days later, Ms. Zhang found throughout the Car have already started off paint , and paint chips are beginning to drum up more of a snare drum package.

Ms. Zhang told Reporters, when buying a Car do not want to paint out question, then spent a few hundred dollars in the 4s shop to do the whole Car plated crystal, did not expect thIs kind of paint or become. ThIs very fact was a headache, Ms. Zhang reflect their own do not understand plated crystal Is Gesha mean, you know plating crystal can protect the paint, but the paint has become thIs kind Is certainly not the paint manufacturers to do a good job, not understand the Car knows that paint Is not ready. Reporter learned action Automobile plated crystal polymer Is formed on a surface of a spacer layer, the spacer layer against corrosion and many UV hydrophobic functions, in order to protect the paint, the spacer layer generally maintained for six months time.

Why thIs Car Will do a plated crystal paint chips it? Ms. Zhang told Reporters came with itLincoln home 4s shop, shop 4s director of an explanation, the initial judge may be a liquid corrosion or external impact, that we have also reflected to the Lincoln American technology sector, it Will be handed over to them to do identification, but Why did the last plated crystal would be so durable, 4s shop represents the intensity of corrosion may be too strong, that we are unable to give a specific explanation, thIs situation can only wait until later and now manufacturers are given the results, talk to the very fact that negotiation.

We respect to see how the matter?