The auto parts once broken, you had to run 4S shop, go to the roadside repair shop car repair Will only ruin

Now more and more people buy a Car, but many people are Tucao, it Is very easy to buy a Car, you can buy a Car loan, a few thousand every month on the line, many people are still able to take affordable. But keep a Car Is a big pressure for a lot of people. Especially if the Car fails, replace it when needed parts. For many people plan to save money, Automobile parts appear damage Is not repaired to the 4S shop. Directly went to a nearby repair shop for repairs.

4S shop for repairs in relation to, thIs place would be a lot cheaper repairs. And in the process of moving Car, the parts appear loss Is a normal thing. If each damaged parts have to go 4S shop repair, I believe that Is not the average family can afford. And there are many parts, in fact, did not go to 4S shop repair Is necessary, because the repair shop and 4S shop of parts, from the quality point, there Is not much difference. So, actually quite good repair in the repair shop, one year, we can save a lot of money.

but it needs to be noted that, although the majority of the parts can be replaced in a repair shop, but there Is a part we must go to 4S shop replaced. If you go to the kind of roadside repair shop repair, Will only cause damage to your Car. ThIs unit Is the engine belt. ThIs belt Is mainly driven by the engine work, the equivalent of a bridge in the Auto parts, connected to each other work of the various parts. If the amount of the belt there Is a problem, so a lot of Car parts are not working properly.

and some drivers are not proper driving habits can also cause damage to the engine belt, or even a fracture. If maintenance of the engine belt Is particularly important. And it Is best to regular engine belt replacement, so as to ensure traffic safety. Generally in the Car driving to 50,000 kilometers to 100,000 kilometers, the best engine belt Is necessary for maintenance checks. After all, thIs belt Is related to the normal operation of the engine.

and the engine belt replacement must go 4S shop, 4S stores Will be more expensive because, although some quality butThe amount Is quite assured. But the repair shop on the roadside might not, if you give such a repair shop for a low-grade belt, you Paozhaopaozhe engine belt on the road on the fracture, causing the engine does not operate properly, Will result in very large rIsks. ThIs time it really tears you up. 4S shop for a belt probably just a few hundred dollars, but if your Car Is broken in half way, the trailer alone it costs a lot of money. To save money in the end did not, but also flat whitecaps had a lot of money.