The air-conditioned car experienced a kind of development? do you know

Hello, everyone, welcome attention to fashion our number one hundred Cars wind, every day we Will transfer some of the knowledge and anecdotes about the Car for everyone, we believe that for the majority of Car owners, there Is a certain usefulness, and today we have to talk about the development process on the air conditioning in our Cars, lIsten to small series by one for everyone Road!

In fact, if looking down, then our air-conditioned Car development hIstory Is not long, than the advent of the Automobile for a whole half a century later. But it Is a very rapid pace of development. Dating back to 1927, the birth of the first Automobile air conditioner. Automotive air conditioning system was extremely simple. It includes a heater, a ventilation system and an air filter, assumed the passengers heating in the winter, and the inside of the windshield defroster for the task, to 1940 began to appear with a refrigerator Cars from the United States Packard company. Before World War II, due to difficulties in materials and manufacturing, affecting the development of the Automobile air conditioner. In 1954, the first monolithic integrated heating and cooling equipment installed in the United States Nash brand Cars. In 1960, a Car air conditioner unit was universal.

In 1964, the first Automobile air conditioning with Automatic temperature control occurs, installed in the Cadillac sedan. Until 1979, the United States and Japan jointly launched a computer-controlled air conditioning systems, which marks its fourth generation of Automotive air-conditioning products. To the evolution of the situation in Japan Car air-conditioning installation rate, for example, can see the Car in Japan in 1980 reached 100%, 90% small Cars, VW has exceeded 60%. American various Car an average of 70 percent, according to 1985 statIstics, the annual output of Automotive air conditioning system 13 million units, the annual output of 630 million units in Japan, we can see, the Car air-conditioning as an important part of the development of Automobile development fast, you can almost say that we are relatively easy to perceive the rate of progress, it Is amazing.

U.S.’s Automotive air conditioning started late, if traced, then, to the 60 years of thIs century, when the first generic Car air conditioners installed in the Red Flag on Cars. Really started in the late 1970s and early 1980searly. The rapid development of domestic air conditioning industry 80 development, especially the development of the domestic Automobile industry, Car air-conditioning localization has been on the agenda, received wide attention. Now it has become a hot topic!

Automotive air conditioning heating from the beginning, today, in the air conditioning equipment has undergone constant updates. In an example of the compressor, it Is subjected to a reciprocating pIston compressor, represented by a vertical first generation, second generation have developed swash plate 0-1 in FIG vehicle air conditioning installation of the formula, and the radial rocking plate radiation compressor. The third generation of rotary vane, rotary pIston, pIston compressors triangle. Appears scroll compressor in the 1980s can be described as the fourth generation of products. In recent years, variable capacity compressor appearance, but also opened up a new way. Automotive air conditioning systems and the development of control Is also particularly prominent, micro-computer technology used in Automobile air conditioning system, the Car air conditioner technology pushed to new heights.

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