Test drive BMW 335i, a friend said: best ever open car

a lot of fans for the first impression Is that young people open BMW Car, the appearance of particular sports, are more iconic Is the angel eye headlights with kidney grille, front design in the entire luxury brand in all of the best. A few days ago along with a friend to test drive a BMW 335i, 14 models out of print models, to find out about its fans should know in the end how it classic.

thIs Car before a leasing company, and later because of poor management sold to a friend, more than 600,000 new Car price guide, throughout the three BMW Department of the field Is the absolute top model, second only to the BMW M3. Black body Is very significant movement, too late owners modify their own set of 19-inch black wheels, gives the first impression Is a small steel gun level.

BMW interior work has been rough, not to mention older models, thIs BMW 335i middle of the steering wheel or plastic plate, no M sport package also sorry for that, but now we Will change the T-shaped steering wheel should be very easy. Top with the Car in the center console side with a solid wood board material, the overall design Is not a good fit, but it Is certainly much better than plastic.

three-line experienced so much change update, the only constant Is the handbrake design, as the flagship brand of luxury sports Cars genes, three lines of BMW Is no doubt that the handbrake Is not just a feeling of configuration, has now become a symbol of the whole of Cars, domestic Cars and now even have to spend tens of thousands of blocks of electronic braking, BMW handbrake Is more and more classic.

Is the number of miles the Car dashboard old section of the digital dashboard dIsplay Is not accurate, Is cleared to drive after a friend the overall fuel consumption in terms of thIs three-line Is really very powerful, after all, Is the 3.0T inline six-cylinder.

are designed to control the Car in the family, with the various keys are quite general layout knobs 6 inches with a multi-screen reverse image, GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and other functions.

There are five main configuration inside the vehicleAirbags, tire pressure monitoring, the front and rear parking sensors, adaptive cruIse, the variable ratio steering, electrically adjustable, a start key, a steering wheel shift paddles and other functions, these configurations Will not be put out of date now, Is still the mainstream.

armrest position of chicken stalls believe we are not unfamiliar, one of the most classic design of the BMW Car, preceding a small storage box the right hand side of the screen knob. Gearbox match Is still 8AT, BMW enduring classic gearbox, if only to do thIs tune to 8AT gearbox, the Car industry does not believe for a Car company able to compete with BMW, right?

older models do work in general, the top door or hard plastic.

the material Is leather Car seat, the front row seat memory function with heating, it can be all put back down, if space Is not large, the picture Is the main front moves forward, additional sound insulation and comfort three-line are not good at the same level models, thIs Is actually true.

thIs BMW 335i inline six-cylinder engine equipped with a dIsplacement 3.0T, the maximum horsepower 306 hundred kilometers in about 5 seconds, the absolute speed small steel gun, with the owner’s own words: the best ever to open the Car, never driven such a good handling Car. ThIs really Is not blowing, the BMW 335i with a power handling Is absolutely classic, comfort, of course, work with sound insulation Is really not as good as Mercedes-Benz, Audi. For young people, thIs kind of level of the Car Is simply a dream Car, but unfortunately now out of print, very difficult to buy a used Car.