Tesla be closed 4S shop, then how to solve car maintenance problem?

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to see thIs problem, I first ask you a question, do you know how many outlets worldwide Tesla stores (4S)? I tell you there are 378. I would question a question, Tesla alone 378 outlets Will be able to sell hundreds of thousands of vehicles? Of course not, not enough. You know, in many countries overseas, for the sale of Automotive products, it Is not like the United States, sales of single brand 4s shop mode. 4s shop and a collection of pre-sale, sale, sale as a whole. Whether it Is the intention of pre-approved test to look at Cars, vehicle handling and sale transaction services, vehicle maintenance and after-sales service and other post, all processing 4s shop. While foreign sales of Automotive products to the supermarket more oriented approach. In a Car supermarket, you can sell any brand any model. And they completed some post-service supermarket in the supermarket Car; some Will focus on alternative local after-sales service. From thIs we can see, thIs 378 outlets in the next Tesla sales, the degree of importance and did not imagine so high.

and Tesla opened outlets in the world, although it also provides new Cars to mention Car service, but the most important thing for Automotive products and brand image show role. Moreover, these outlets are at the front line of the city’s most Jingui road. Therefore, if these outlets only Cars on dIsplay and for sale; if the latter vehicle maintenance, were still in thIs direct marketing shop, Is certainly possible. Because it requires a large footprint to accommodate various maintenance facilities and equipment. The establIshment of first-tier cities in the luxury section of the high cost of a repair factory Is simply a throwaway, thIs approach can also significantly reduce operating costs and Tesla demands the opposite.

Thus, Tesla outlets worldwide shut down and Will not affect Tesla’s other post-sale service. Just off the lot rent expensive metropolIs in the most luxurious section of the outlets, thus reducing operating costs. The vehicle service and maintenance does not need a whole lot good location. As long as it provides sufficient space and adequate use of the plant can be put into the service center away from the city center of the Motor City and other places. So everyone should understand, whichTesla afraid outlets completely closed, it Will not affect the follow-up services Tesla products. Even if the need for more after-sales service costs, Tesla can put it away. And also some of the famous chain of Car repair center cooperation, the service contracted out, also can reduce a lot of costs.

However, from another perspective, even if a net red Tesla as Automotive products. But consumers still need to understand the details of the details of thIs product. After all, unlike other networks, like red, sales of the product Is low cost and price clothes ah what? As a minimum one million three hundred thousand or even a Tesla electric Car, can be regarded as a luxury, you Will definitely want to consider before consumers start again. But if you want a detailed understanding of the Tesla products, outlets were closed, what channel? If thIs Is not resolved, Tesla outlets or showrooms still need to exIst. Tesla currently possible in the future to cancel its stores, but one of the best cities in each country may still be reserved for Product and brand image projects of showrooms, as a brand and product dIsplay of use!