Tesla 4s shop closed in succession, then how to solve car maintenance problem?

Tesla announced that in the future only sell Cars online. ThIs electric Car manufacturer in the “coming months” shut down most of its stores and lay off a number of retail employees, at the same time, Tesla Will substantially increase the number of service centers to meet their growing customer base demand. Tesla Will provide mobile service, Tesla brand of Car maintenance can be applied to mobile call by Tesla.

As referenced above, as part of speaking, just off Tesla most sales stores, exhibition center, but for sale maintenance service center and there Is no one close, but in the future Will continue to increase in number, so my friends do not have to worry about maintenance problems; Tesla Is such that its sales outlets and service centers are separate, and the main service center camp business Is separate (for a detailed description); moreover About Tesla stores Will close the sales by the business line into the line statement has nothing to do with our country, thIs News Is for the United States, sales of Tesla stores, and our domestic sales of Tesla stores and Exhibition Center and has not closed a say!

Strictly speaking Tesla operations with the traditional Car companies, dealers of different layouts, traditional Car prices does not participate in operations, and the right to operate handed over to the dealer to do; but Tesla Is completely different, it Is the manufacturers directly involved in operations, sales rigorous to say everything about Tesla, dIsplay, repair and maintenance are directly managed by the Tesla does not exIst Auto intermediate links; so that many people eat horse feed store became a little pressure, so in order to be able to go full steam ahead to make low with Model3 timely production and sales, Tesla can only close a large number of foreign stores reduce overall operating costs, return of funds (the big sale Is to return the funds)!

Therefore Tesla sales center, different from the traditional stores 4S shop our knowledge, it has completely aftermarket sales and treated separately; as for thIs portion Waters Repairs pull do very detail oriented; such as maintenance, mechanical and electrical problems if it Is part of the need to Tesla service center; and if the problem Is sheet metal painting, you need to specify Tesla authorized to Carry out tripartite sheet spray center so Tesla current status and traditional 4S stores still have a lot of differences,After all, Tesla in our country also belongs to new things, over time, with respect to thIs part of Tesla believe Will do better!

As for maintenance on the official Tesla service center, if it Is part of the mechanical and electrical maintenance Tesla also to the official service center, if the problem Is a sheet metal painting authorized to Tesla tripartite sheet metal painting to the center; it Is about specific precautions Tesla maintenance, and Tesla actually need very little maintenance part, the basic system Is upgraded, glass of water, brake pads and wiper and the like consumable it; and closed on Tesla store sales statement does not involve our domestic market layout, just off foreign stores!