Teach you the recipe for buying a used car tips, buy the right as you can when the “wife”!

Now all kinds of second-hand Car trading APP and used Car market began to rIse, which also made a lot of people concerned about the prospect of second-hand Car market Is how good. But the more people are more concerned about transmIssion of the dIsease Is increasing. And second-hand Car buyers are not all due to the limited capacity of the economy, some owners just used to practice hand. But for whatever purpose, buy a used Car should beware! Following small for you to organize the attention point second-hand Car trading.

look at the appearance, which Is the most intuitive of used Car place. But the appearance Is the easiest Bluff, because now technology renovation and paint repair technology can easily fool the buyer’s eyes.

But you can see each side of the glass of the Car, above the production date. In “….. 3 ‘3 represents 2003 production, five black dots month. Black spots before the figures represent the first half of the production. With 7-5 = 2. ThIs Is described in February glass produced. The position of the black dots on the contrary that the second half of the production.

and then open the engine compartment with the fender screws are not changed, the screws through the traces. And the Car Will set aside a lot of screw position Is empty does not matter. Another Is watching paint marker, suspended on both sides of the top portion of the part, the part of the screw, it had better not move.

Next look at the door, to open strip must pay attention to the B-pillar when the door of the cab. If they can open the tape, you Will see the normal joints, hand touch Is smooth. However, if B Is hit through the column and repaired, it would be rough to the touch. Depot welding repair shop outside Is impossible.

Finally, a inspection process Is open to open the road to see. LIsten to the sound of the Car there Is no vibration and abnormal noIse, and engine idling. Then see if the air conditioning and other auxiliary functions properly.

try to find there are potholes try hanging over the pit to see the body case. Hang loose too, the general was the age a little longer. Five or six Car if it Is so, then do not.

in addition to the Car itself, but also the procedures are: big ticket purchase tax, inspection, insurance, regIstration certificate (probably thIs Car had three or four hands), which are to be checked clear, violation case can be found online.