Teach you maintain thIs car, not easy to be fooled 4S shop, maintenance instructors give you an answer!

vehicle maintenance routine for thIs piece, each owners are facing, then all go to a professional 4s shop maintenance in the face of vehicle maintenance operations, to know about the maintenance cost of thIs one it Is also more expensive, if you want to know their own money, there Is no maintenance in place, we need to understand these common sense. Today maintained thIs Car around to teach you, not easy to be fooled 4S shop, maintenance instructors give you an answer!

First of all when it comes to oil Is the vehicle. In the daily life of the oil it Is divided into three categories, one Is a fully synthetic motor oil, semi-synthetic oil, mineral oil. For ordinary cycle oil Is used Is not the same, the longest cycle Is fully synthetic motor oil can go 10,000 km replacement, semi-synthetic oil for use to 6000-7000 km mineral oil, a few kilometers so just follow replace it.

Next to replace the gearbox oil on different vehicles, a few kilometers of transmIssion oil change Is not the same, for manual transmIssion Cars, the replacement cycle Is 2.5 to 40,000 km to replace one, for Automatic transmIssion Cars 40000-60000 km replaced once, from a practical point of view different Car brands go Is not particularly large. When it Is desired to replace the place in time, should be replaced in accordance with the manual data above it.

finally said that the air filter and air filter for children. For these two parts Is also judged according to the circumstances of daily Car. About two parts, the daily contact with the outside world Is likely to produce some dust, it Is recommended air filter replacement cycle Is 10,000 km or replaced every six months. For air conditioning filter replacement cycle Is recommended for the 7500 km to 10,000 km replacement.

When it comes to fuel filter and oil filter both parts, Is also need to make. Replace the oil filter replaced every 10,000 km. For the most part it Is easy to wear, after all, for thIs part, it Is often in everyday soaked in gasoline. For thIs part,If the surface Is abnormal, it would cause channel blockage gasoline, then imagine the impact of a vehicle Is very large. For the oil filter, the proposed 5000-7500 km replace one, for oil filter Is best to use full synthetic oil.