Talking about the end of sales, BMW thIs time to talk about the doorway after-sales service!

a company Will survive for centuries, continued selling a product, relies on strong product competitiveness. And thIs competition Is not a simple quality, also includes pre / in / post service, channel development, and marketing strategies. Among them, the quality Is the first step to attract customers, customer service Is the foundation grab the heart.

society today Is no shortage of good product, Is the lack of good service. No need to provide proof of purchase, a strong after-sales service database, Is Apple phone looting, an important factor in God Logitech says the mouse community. In rims, BMW strong after endless strength also singled out for praIse, especially in sheet metal, paint two business segments, to ensure high quality, while also taking into account the safety and environmental protection.

December 4, “vapor pull-jun” With an in-depth understanding of the opportunity to BMW sheet metal painting maintenance services. Hearts of the staff finds conclusive, “good product + good + good technician tools and equipment, creating a good quality”, the interpretation service concept BMW.

One of BMW’s three core competencies

“high-quality service Is the luxury brand differentiation Is an important manifestation of it together with the passionate and very attractive brand portfolio, form the three core competencies BMW . “Mr. De Compostela, vice president of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. service express.

, vice president of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. Service Kang

key BMW knows that after-sales service and maintenance personnel quality. 5 parts dIstribution centers, 580 service outlets, sheet metal painting station 5000+, 6000+ sheet spray technical staff to ensure service quality. 4 large training centers, 15 training bases, three-year study and practice of the system, more than 1000 hours of learning, 10,000 multiple operations temper, rigorous certification twice a year, every two years service skills competition, the achievements of a professional technician.

BMW aftermarket industry in the United StatesJulie Jing, director of business development

equipped with professional tools and equipment, support vehicles repair and maintenance of safe and efficient, thereby ensuring the vehicle performance and quality. Specification sheet metal paint repair process flow, “ensure that the vehicles remain safe and beautiful at the factory.” Sales service, boost BMW sales in U.S. to achieve sustained growth, and received the support of 3.2 million vehicle owners. 2019, BMW has sold 487,000 new vehicles, an increase of 15.1%.

Adhesive + riveting, double protection road safety

look maintenance sheet metal, each step Will also apply globally consIstent BMW step, must be restored to the default size when an error of 1 mm. As one employee put it, “Why BMW aftermarket repair a long time, because they want to follow a step by step procedure Is complete, do not cut corners.”

In order to ensure safety and to reduce the weight, the body made of high strength steel, aluminum and Carbon fiber composite material; sheet metal repair technique using “glue + riveting” process, to prevent the body adhesive split level, to prevent the caulking peeling body than conventional welding techniques the strength of higher than 30%.

BMW standard procedure in order to replace the traditional clean dry grinding mill, can be reduced by about 20,000 tons per year of sewage dIscharge, the equivalent of 235,000 day water consumption, while guaranteeing more than 3,000 paint technician health. Electrical heating or heating an infrared heat lamp to replace traditional diesel fuel heating can reduce Carbon emIssions nearly 20,000 tons per year.

Paint 10 big step to ensure the maintenance of the quality of

BMW painting process, after 5 to 10 and the large test procedure, using 20 kinds of tools, equipment, according to claim 30 or more steps, using the above 50 kinds of special material to ensure the film thickness errors are less than 5 microns.

At the same time, as a socially responsible Car prices, the choice of material BMW sheet metal painting focusing on environmental protection and health. BMW factory configuration of water-based paint Is water 70%, only 10% volatile organic compounds, volatile organic compounds and traditional paint of 84%. Use the original water-based paint to reduce annual emIssions of 3503 tons of volatile organic compounds, the equivalent of planting 50 million trees.

Moreover, BMW Is a really know how to interact with consumers Car prices. BMW currently has more than 1000 colors for consumers to choose, but also to provide consumers with personalized custom painting services, there are nine kinds of custom colors from which to choose. But also as a vehicle technician layer of varnIsh, paint and let both provide protection for the body color more shiny.

provided from a user perspective the service

service concepts and mode needs to change along with the times and innovation, in December last year, BMW BMW created the Internet cloud APP, for the United States to develop customized online service appointment, pick-up delivery vehicles, and road accident rescue, illegal queries and other items specific features.

BMW’s most worthy of praIse service points, should be life-long accident rescue and accident recovery service with proactive detection capabilities. The former regarded manufacturers to create a rescue service model of its kind, providing life-long accident rescue services for the American owners; the latter pioneered in the United States, the current BMW 7 Series and the new BMW 5 Series Li has been equipped, Is expected to be gradually extended to all models.

In the “customer first” era, even the BMW Car for customers to save costs have been considered. BMW (including MINI) launched the “Long Yue exclusive service plan” has expanded to all models. Car more than four years of age in the user maintenance items, can enjoy dIscounts. Owners extended warranty service, long period of 7 years. And BMW’s full respect for the customer to enjoy Car travel services, including Car travel customers, clients pick, to take delivery vehicles.

As a BMW service from a user perspective to understand the layout of Car prices in the do provide a good product, a good technician,Good at hard targets such as tools, equipment, pay attention to the interaction with consumers, and strive to walk into the user’s heart. Meanwhile, BMW service concept and model Is to follow the development of the times and continue to improve, taking into account environmental protection, reflects the corporate social responsibility